Website Management


    The Nassau BOCES Web Management Service (WMS) provides school districts the ability to manage an online presence directly through any web browser. Web site management systems enable teachers and administrators to maintain updated web pages by simply logging in and typing over the existing content.


Blackboard Web Community Manager

  • Bb Web Community Manager is a community-based solution that goes beyond merely connecting communities. Blackboard's solution, WCM, is where community connection, community engagement, and all the essential technologies and tools come together around student, school, and district success. It is easy enough for novices and robust enough for power users. WCM community-based solutions will empower all of your educators and staff.

    CoSer: 602.022


  • eChalk: a Simple Solution for School Websites, LMS and Groups  

    Keep everyone in your learning community engaged, informed and connected! eChalk is only K-12 platform that brings school websites, learning management, and group collaboration tools together in one simple, organized online environment. With eChalk, students, parents, teachers, and staff have one central place where they can find everything related to their school experience, from school announcements to homework assignments to extracurricular schedules. The eChalk platform includes:

    • School websites: Simple, powerful tools for beautiful school and district websites. 
    • LMS: The newest and best learning management systems (LMS) for K-12 teachers and students.
    • Groups: Websites and private online spaces to keep teams, clubs and departments organized and connected.



  • Syntax offers user-friendly custom-designed websites, built and maintained by SyntaxNY, but controlled by you in collaboration with their team. No knowledge of HTML is needed to fully take advantage of their proprietary Website Management System (WMS), which enables clients to make most changes to their websites simply themselves. (Note: you must subscribe to SyntaxNY public relation service to purchase webhosting.)
    CoSer: 602.021