Long Island Consortium for Excellence and Equity (LICEE)

  • CoSer: 507.518

    The Long Island Consortium for Excellence and Equity is a collaborative network of regional school districts in Nassau County that have committed to learn and work together to support the school and life success of ALL their students. The Consortium serves as a regional resource for participating districts to take proactive and system-wide leadership responsibility for significantly improving the academic performance of all students, increasing high level educational opportunities learning for all students, and eliminating the observed achievement disparities among subgroups of students defined by race/ethnicity and/or economic circumstance. Membership includes a year-long program of eight professional learning opportunities for district teams of five participants that will focus on:

     1) supporting district and school leadership for equity and eliminating achievement gaps,

     2) enhancing districts’ response to struggling diverse learners in your schools and classrooms, and

     3) nurturing more effective family-community partnerships. Also scheduled will be two meetings for district superintendents, and ongoing technical assistance and support from Dr. Bob Jarvis at the University of Pennsylvania.





  • Elaine Zseller
    (516) 608-6618