Science Programs

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    Two different kits developed through Monroe2-Orleans BOCES and Putnam/Westchester BOCES are available for lease or purchase. Both are useful in elementary-level science programs and can be provided to Nassau County districts through a cross-contract procedure. Districts can apply directly to Nassau BOCES for this service. 

    The two types of kits are:

    Monroe BOCES Elementary Science Program

    ESP: It's Science Time!is a hands-on, interdisciplinary curriculum that converts the classroom into a science laboratory. The ESP provides classrooms with kits of materials to engage students in science activities which: build inquiry skills, promote positive attitudes towards science, teach science content and develop problem-solving abilities. The content, skills, and teaching approaches vary from one unit to another. Each kit includes a teacher's guide and is designed to serve a classroom of 30 students. Some units have student activity books, in others, the students are expected to make their own notebooks. Mini kits with materials for fifteen students or less are also available. Units correlate to the NYS Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science, and Technology and the NYS core curricula for science.

    Putnam – Northern Westchester BOCES Science 21

    Cartoon frog wearing a scientist's lab coat

    is an integrated K-6 science curriculum developed locally and regionally at the Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES. It is a science program designed by teachers for teachers.
    It is linked to the New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science and Technology.

    The program's major emphasis is on investigations that are student directed and relevant to students' everyday lives. The program's main focus is on hands-on, inquiry-based science, and math, language arts and technology are integrated at points where they fit naturally. SCIENCE 21 achieves a balance between process and content and is supported by kits and staff development.

    Jason Learning

    Jason Learning has comprehensive science curricula that feature print, digital materials, hands-on activities, videos, and online games for students. For educators, Jason has lesson plans, professional development, and a digital platform. 


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