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Curriculum Support Programs - Vendors

  • Achieve 3000 - Mc Graw Hill [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    Achieve 3000 provides cloud-based daily differentiated and targeted instruction for literacy and math. Additional products include Actively Learn and Smarty Ants.


    AIMSweb - Pearson - [ELOI - CoSer532.526 - Erie]

    Aimsweb is a web-based solution for universal screening, progress monitoring, and data management for Grades K-12. Aimsweb has been reviewed by the National Center on Intensive Intervention. At the heart of Aimsweb are curriculum-based measures of reading and math performance for grades K-12. Reports provide data to assist schools with RTI.


    ALEKS - McGraw-Hill [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    ALEKS is an adaptive, online math program that uses artificial intelligence and open-response questioning to identify what each student needs.


    Amplify - [ELOI - CoSer 532/526 - Erie]

    Amplify offers core-curriculum programs for Spanish language arts program for K-12; ELA; math; science; assessment and intervention.

    Amplify | High-quality K–12 curriculum and assessments 


    Book Creator - Tools for Schools [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract]

    Book Creator combines text, images, audio, and video. Book Creator gives students a platform to share their learning with peers and others.


    Boom Learning [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract]

    Boom Learning. Boom Learning dba Boom Cards tracks student progress and provides teachers with interactive lessons, gamified formative assessment, and automatic grading with real-time reports.


    BrainPop - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Contract]

    Science, social studies, English, math, art, music, health, SEL, and technology are included in the lessons available from BrainPop. Students may make a movie using BrainPop images, create a concept map, use coding language, and interact with content using games.


    Branching Minds [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract]

     Branching Minds is a cloud-based application focused on Response to Intervention (RTI)/Multi-Tiered System of Suppports (MISS) for both academic and behavior intervention.  



    Brighten Learning [ELOI – CoSer 532.526 – Erie]

    The Social Express is a research-based social-emotional learning animated interactive program that allows users an opportunity to learn and practice foundational social skills for future success. Webisodes include target skills and lesson plans.

    The Social Express Program – Brighten Learning


    Buncee  [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Contract]

    Buncee has over 1000 templates for creating projects. Buncee offers multiple ways to help students visualize, voice, and communicate their learning. Students create and share interactive presentations, fliers, greeting cards, photo albums, scrapbooks, etc.


    Carone [ELOI - CoSer 532.526]

    Carone learning provides online physical education, fitness, and health.



    Castle Learning Online - Castle Software - Harris Computer [ELOI - CoSer532.526 - Contract]

    Castle Learning Online has hints and feedback programmed into each question. Teachers may see assignments, student progress, and data reports. Parents may view assignments, see progress, and track due dates.


    CodeMonkey - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    CodeMonkey is a game-based environment where students learn to code without any prior experience. 


    Codesters - The Learning Internet (formerly [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    Codesters lets students create interactive projects in Python in their classroom. Students  build projects through structured lessons, then modify their code to create custom projects.


    Defined Learning [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    Defined Learning software connects classroom content with career pathways. The software includes a library that provides teachers with K-12 standards aligned project-based learning units, professional learning that helps educators with project-based learning, and provides students with hands-on projects aligned to career pathways.


    Dreambox - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    DreamBox is an interactive online math toolkit and games to help learners think for themselves and make sense of math.


    DeltaMath - [ELOI - CoSer 532.560- Contract ]

    DeltaMath is mathematics instructional software for teachers to create assignments, monitor student progress in real-time with automatic grading, assign videos, and assign specific problems to individuals or groups.


    EasyTech - The Learning Internet (formerly [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie

    EasyTech is a K-8 curriculum featuring scaffolded, computer-based lessons reinforced with activities, discussions, and quizzes for developing students' digital skill set year after year. The program includes coding, computer fundamentals, visual mapping, keyboarding, online safety, digital citizenship, and internet usage.


    eDoctrina - Harris - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

     eDoctrina is a curriculum, assessment, and accountability suite of software solutions. The curriculum bundle provides curriculum mapping, scope and sequence reports, lesson planning, and unit planning. The assessment bundle provides tools for building assessments and administering them either online or paper-based.


    EdPuzzle [ELOI - Coser 532.526]

    EdPuzzle unlocks the power of videos through editing tools and student data. Teachers find a video, add questions and assign it to their class. Teachers are able to monitor progress and hold students accountable.


    Eduware [ELOI - Coser 532.560]

    With Test Wizard or WizardTM, create, edit, and print exams online .


    Ellevation - Curriculum Associates [ELOI - Coser 532.560]

    Ellevation Platform serves administrators by organizing all EL student data, monitoring processes, enabling accurate reporting, and supporting instructional planning for multilingual students. Ellevation Strategies serves classroom teachers of every grade level and subject by providing instructional practice and activities that help English Learners master grade-level content.


    eSpark - eSpark Learning [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

     eSpark provides differentiated iPad instruction for grades pre-kindergarten through five.   CoSer 532.526


    Eureka Math - Great Minds [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    Eureka Math focuses on the why behind numbers. Eureka Math Equip identifies learning gaps and assists student with closing the gaps. Eureka Math Affirm is a digital middle and end of module assessment tool that provides a database of items and analytic tools. Eureka Math in Sync allows the student to access all the resources anytime, anywhere. Digital Eureka Math includes video lessons and fillable PDF forms. The program includes diagnostic assessments and module assessments to track student progress and identify areas of need.


    Explore Learning [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    Gizmos are interactive math and science simulations for grades 3 - 12. There are over 400 Gizmos aligned to standards. 

    Reflex is adaptive, individualized software that helps students develop fluency with basic math facts. 



    Fastbridge - Illuminate [ELOI – CoSer 532.526 – Erie]

    Fastbridge provides assessments to help educators identify students’ academic and social-emotional behavior needs, align interventions and measure interventions. Fastbridge combines Computer-Adaptive Testing with Curriculum Based Measures for academics and SEB.


    Footsteps2Brilliance [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract - Other]

    Footsteps2Brilliance® is an early learning solution that helps all children become proficient readers by 3rd grade. The agnostic Mobile Technology Platform allows school districts to leverage the mobile devices that parents already own to scale early literacy citywide. C


    Formative - Newsela (formerly Smartest Edu) [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    Formative is web-based software used for real-time assessment and offers live data analysis on any homework, classwork, or assessment.


    Frontline Education [ELOI - CoSer 602.596]

    Professional Learning Management is a product for tracking and managing professional learning (formerly My Learning Plan).


    Frontline Education [ELOI - CoSer 602.598]

    Employee Evaluation Management is a product for  performance assessments and reviews for education professionals (formerly OASYS).


    Frontline [ELOI - CoSer 602.565]

    Professional Growth - Danielson Solution is the digital version of Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument.


    Frontline Education [ELOI - CoSer 602.585 - Other] 

    Additional Frontline products include Learning and Collaboration Resources and Calibration and Collaboration, 



    Global Compliance Network [ELOI - Coser 507.522]

    GCN provides over 150 online training tutorials that employees can complete using any computer that has an internet connection. Tutorials are available for OSHA, HR, and professional development topics.


    Go Math Digital - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract - Other]

    Go Math! elementary and middle school mathematics curricula provide differentiated instruction resources across interactive platforms.


    Hanover Research  [ELOI - CoSer 602.560]

    Hanover Research provides research and analytics for making organizational decisions.


    HearBuilder - SuperDuper [ELOI - CoSer 532.560]

    HearBuilder supports the development of good listening, memory, and comprehension skills. The four programs in HearBuilder are Following Directions, Phonological Awareness, Auditory Memory, and Sequencing. Each program offers multi-level activities with progress monitoring reports to track student progress. 


    High School eSport - Generation eSports [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract - Other]

    Generation eSports provides 12-week esports tournaments for high school and middle school students. Esports teaches skills such as streaming, production, and programming. Esports participants communicate and coordinate with other student  participants.


    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Contract - Other]

    Among the digital products available from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt are Go Math, Math in Focus, Into Math, Math Expressons, Into Reading, Arriba la lectural, Into Literature, Social Studies, into Science, Science Dimensions, Amira, Waggle, Writable, Confronting Racism, and Wiley.

    HMH Science Dimensions addresses the Next Generation Science Standards. Students learn through exploration, analysis, application, and explanation.


    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]  

    READ 180 ® is a reading program designed for struggling readers who are reading 2 or more years below grade level. It provides blended learning instruction (i.e., combining digital media with traditional classroom instruction), student assessment, and teacher professional development. Students are able to engage with their choice of content. This program is rated effective by the USDOE What Works Clearinghouse for oral language, phonological processing, and reading fluency.

    Math 180 provides mathematics intervention for struggling older students who are two or more years behind in math. The program focuses and deep understanding and mastery of the essential skills and concepts necessary to unlock algebra and advanced mathematics.


    iLit - Savvas - formerly Pearson - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    iLit is a comprehensive reading intervention program for students in Grades 4-10. Teachers and students can access this fully digital program on multiple platforms and devices. ILit includes resources to support Tier 2, Tier 3, and English language learner (ELL) students: curriculum, assessment, data, and professional development.


    Imagine Learning (Think Through Math) - [ELOI – CoSer 532.526 – Erie]

    Imagine Learning provides digital-first K-12 programs for core instruction, supplemental support, personalized intervention for subjects ELA, Math, Spanish Language Arts, Social and Emotional Learning, Science, Technology and Engineering and Assessment. Think Through Math combines live teacher support, student motivation and engaging adaptive instruction.


    Instructure - Mastery Connect - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    Mastery Connect is a K-12 digital assessment management system including NYS learning standards for every subject and grade level.


    iReady - Curriculum Associates [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    i-Ready is a differentiated instructional program with integrated assessments.


    IXL [ELOI - CoSer532.526 - Erie]

    IXL provides adaptive learning for grades K - 12 students in mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies. The software is designed to accelerate growth for students who need intervention. Each student has a unique action plan. IXL analytics provide teachers with real-time insights.


    K12 Insight [ELOI - CoSer 602.577]

    K12 Insight works with district leadership to develop and implement community survey studies. The Making Freedom Matter Workshop is a hands-on workshop designed to work with district staff to review, analyze, and interpret survey results to create goals and action plans for school and/or district improvement. Additional services include reports, focus groups, language translation, and school board presentations.


    Kahoot [ELOI - CoSer 532.526]

    Kahoot is a game-based learning platform for teachers to create learning games, quizzes, or interactive presentations.


    Kami - Notable [ELOI - CoSer 532.526]

    Kami is a PDF and document annotation application.


    kidOYO® [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract]

    KidOYO produces educational infrastructure for K-12 classrooms to deliver personalized project-based learning outcomes in the areas of computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship education.


    Learning A-Z [E:OI - CoSer 532.560 - Erie]

    Learning A-Z  literacy-focused resources and tools designed in accordance to research-based best practices.


    Learning Ally [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

     Learning Ally is dedicated to helping studints with print disabilities.


    Learning Without Tears - No Tears Learning - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    Learning Without Tears offers digital lessons for handwriting and K-5 keyboarding.


    Lexia [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    Lexia focuses on curriculum, professional learning, and assessment for literacy. 


    Lightsail - MindPlay [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract]

    Lightsail Library provides free access to fiction and non-fiction texts.


    Linkit - Advance Assessment - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    Linkit provides assessment solutions and analytics.


    Mad-Learn [ELOI - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    Mad-Learn is a platform for students to create Apps built around a six-step design thinking process.


    Mastery Connect - [ELOI – CoSer 532.526 – Erie]

    Mastery Connect provides assessment tools and content


    McGraw Hill - digital - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    Examples of digital materials available are Study Sync Core ELA, Impact Social Studies, Impacto Social Studies, custom NY history, Wonders, and Open Court.


    Method Learning [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract]

    Methodize is an online learning platform that offers courses for SAT and ACT test preparation, academic success, and financial literacy.


    Modern Teacher [ELOI - CoSer 602.599]

    Modern Teacher software provides a blueprint for systematic alignment across a district. It is an online change-management platform including actionable steps and key strategic milestones to chart and manage the school improvement journey.  CoSer 602.599


    MusicFirst - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    MusicFirst, a learning management system (LMS) for K-12 music education, helps teachers create original lessons that can be shared with colleagues. Noteflight and Soundation allow students to compose music.


    Nearpod - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    Nearpod has 6,500+ ready-to-teach, customizable lessons.


    Newsela [ELOI - CoSer - 532.526 - Erie]

    Newsela builds reading comprehension through leveled articles and real-time assessments. Newsela allows teachers to engage students with primary sources and articles from world-class news publications, enables classes to read together as Newsela adapts to each student's reading level, sparks thoughtful classroom discussions, and empowers students to find their voices.


    NoRedInk - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Eire]

    NoRedInk is designed to improve the writing skills of students. Students can rearrange sentences, edit and mark up text, organize ideas into outlines, and manipulate multi-paragraph passages. The unlimited, adaptive practice engine differentiates instruction to meet each student's needs and to support learners when they get stuck. Color-coded diagnostic data, growth reports, and grade books allow teachers and administrators to track progress in real time.

    NWEA [ELOI - CoSer - 602.576]

    Map Growth is a trusted assessment for measuring achievement nad growth in K-12 math, reading, language usage, and science. It provides teachers with accuratge and actionable evidence to help target instruction for each student regardless of how far above or below the student is from grade level.


    NYLearns - PLS3rd Learning [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    NYLearns was developed to assist teachers in understanding and applying a standards-based approach to teaching and learning. 



    Passport for Good [532.526 - Erie]

    This app collects and verifies hours of engagement and reflections from a range of experiences in school and out of school. Districts may use this product to verify student community service and participation in clubs and activities. Students are able to chronicle and export a verified nonacademic transcript, focusing on their strengths and contributions, to use for college applications, scholarships, and career pursuits. The software includes a dashboard which reports key metrics.


    Play Versus - [ELOI – CoSer 532.526 – Erie]

    PlayVs. Is a home for amateur esports, focusing on building the infrastructure for high school esports that allows students to play esports on behalf of their school.


    Quaver Music [ELOI - CoSer 532.526]

     QuaverMusic provides an online curriculum for grades Pre-K to 8. Thr online curriculum combines digital resources, ongoing professional development, and customer service.


    Quizizz - [ELOI - Coser 532.526]

    Quizizz provides a platform for instructors to create quizzes and student-paced lessons, a data bank of quizzes, and student-level reports.


    Savvas - formerly Pearson Learning Company - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    Savvas digital products include Elevate Science, enVision Mathematics, iLit, interactive music, Java Programming, Scott Foresman Science, SuccessMaker, and Words Their Way.

    iLit is a comprehensive reading intervention program for students in Grades 4-10. Teachers and students can access this fully digital program on multiple platforms and devices. ILit includes resources to support Tier 2, Tier 3, and English language learner (ELL) students: curriculum, assessment, data, and professional development.


    SchoolSims - EdLeaderships Sims [ELOI-CoSer 602]


    SchoolSims uses AI to provide online leadership simulations designed to improve decision-making skills of principals, assistant principals, aspiring school leaders, counselors and teachers for handling difficult and complex situations.

    SchoolSims | Simulations for School Leaders & Teachers


    Screencastify [ELOI - CoSer 560.532 - Contract]

    Create, edit, and share video recordings. Securely assign and collect video submissions from students.


    SeeSaw -  [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    SeeSaw allows teachers to sync student work from year-to-year and class-to-class in a single, streamlined portfolio. Families remain connected automatically after signing up once. Teachers may creaate multipage activities, send back work for revision, create and save activities, and  schedule activities,


    Skill Struck

    Skill Struck is a platform that helps teachers and students engage in computer science. Products include Educator Portal (lesson plans), Launch Pad (K-5 coding), Voyage (6-12 coding), Type Station (improve typing accuracy and productivity), Community ( computer science resources), and Pathways (K-12 curriculum).

    StaffTrac - Educational Vistas [ELOI - CoSer 602.583]

    StaffTrac is a comprehensive web-based teacher-principal evaluation management system that provides a fully electronic process for conducting observations. Administrators add evidence and comments in the actual domain areas. Ratings and scores are automatically incorporated according to district specifications.


    StMath - Mind Research Institute - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    Students solve interactive puzzles, each one providing animated feedback that adapts to a student's response. This informative feedback offers a learning experience that shows students the mathematical consequences of each answer. Math concepts are first presented without the use of language and symols, enabling all students to access the critical thinking and visual proglem solving at the heart of mathematics. 



    Super Duper - HearBuilder [ELOI - CoSer 532.560]

     HearBuilder is software to build phonological awareness, sequencing, and auditory memory skills through differentiated activities.


    SuperEval - PLS 3rd Learning [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract]

    SuperEval is an online leadership evaluation tool focusing on school boards, superintendents, principals and central office administrators.



    TeachTown [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract]

    TeachTown is a suite of curriculum software that provides students with moderate to severe disabilities access to the general education curriculum and individualized interventions that support their success.


    TeqSMART Notebook  [ELOI - CoSer 534.503]

    The SMART Learning Suite is a cloud-based workspace that supports student devices and seamless instruction with a combination of lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software.  

    SMART Learning Suite – Teq


    Texthelp [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract]

    Texthelp assists teachers wit the creation of digital instructional material. Products includ Read & Write, Equatio, WriQ, FluencyTutor,  OrbitNote, and SpeechStream.


    Thoughtexchange [ELOI - CoSer 602.562]

    ThoughtExchange uses AI to derive insights from survey participants for district decision-making. The analysis tools are used by district leaders to drive change.


    WeVideo [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Contract]

    WeVideo is a video creation tool used by  students across grade levels and subjects. WeVideo empowers students to create, collaborate and express themselves.


    Wixie - Tech4Learning - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Contract]

    Wixie is an online publishing platform for students to share what they know through their writing, their voice, and their art. With Wixie, students may choose to create a book trailer, illustrate an essay, design a comic strip, develop a timeline, write and record a literary adaptation, and much more. Wixie supports essential team-building and organizational skills through real-time collaborative projects.  CoSer 532.526


    Tynker - [ELOI – CoSer 532.526 – Erie]

    Tynker is an educational programming platform to help children learn coding skills, including game design, web design, animation and robotics. It is story-based learning that transitions students to text-based languages.


    UWorld - [ELOI – CoSer 532.560 – Contract]

    UWorld provides college readiness products for districts, schools and teachers with online test preparation courses for the SAT, ACT, PSAT/NMSQT, and AP exams. Products include exam-like questions, explanations, and performance tracking.

    Online Test Prep and Practice for SAT, ACT, AP, and PSAT Exams (


    XSEL Labs - [ELOI – CoSer 532.526 – Erie]

    XSEL Labs provides easy-to-use social-emotional learning assessments to guide teaching and learning. SEL development is supported though scalable systems to assess and address the social-emotional needs of children and youth. The suite of assessments measures SEL skills of students.

    xSEL Labs: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Assessments (


    ZSpace - [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract - Other]

    zSpace combines elements of AR and VR to create lifelike experiences that are immersive and interactive.