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Curriculum Support Programs - Vendors

  • Achieve 3000 [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    Achieve 3000 provides cloud-based daily differentiated instruction for non-fiction reading and writing.


    AIMSweb [ELOI - CoSer532.526 - Erie]

    Aimsweb is a web-based solution for universal screening, progress monitoring, and data management for Grades K-12. Aimsweb has been reviewed by the National Center on Intensive Intervention. At the heart of Aimsweb are curriculum-based measures of reading and math performance for grades K-12. Reports provide data to assist schools with RTI.


    ALEKS - McGraw-Hill [ELOI - CoSer532.526 - Erie]

    ALEKS is an adaptive, online math program that uses artificial intelligence and open-response questioning to identify what each student needs.


    Atlas - Rubicon [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

     Atlas is a curriculum managemen platform that enables teachers to track what standards have been targeted. Teachers may manage their own lesson templates or they may build uniform school-created templates.


    Branching Minds [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract]

     Branching Minds is a cloud-based application focused on Response to Intervention (RTI)/Multi-Tiered System of Suppports (MISS) for both academic and behavior intervention.  



    Castle Learning Online - Castle Software - Harris Computer  [ELOI - CoSer532.530 - Contract]

    Castle Learning Online has hints and feedback programmed into each question. Teachers may see assignments, student progress, and data reports. Parents may view assignments, see progress, and track due dates. 



    Charmtech - Capti Voice [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    Capti Voice is a personalized reading support tool that uses Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing for contextual translation and language detection.


    Codesters [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    Codesters: Coding in your Classroom

    Codesters lets students create interactive projects in Python. Students  build projects through structured lessons, then modify their code to create custom projects.


    Curriculum Mapper [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    Curriculum Mapper assists teachers with creating curriculum linked to standards.


    Curricuplan - Seacliff Education Solutions [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract - Other]

    Curricuplan is a management solution for designing high quality standards-based curriculum and instruction. Using Curricuplan, educators can write, revise and analyze curriculum maps, instructional resources and assessments. 

    Dimensions Science - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt [ELOI - CoSer 5332.560 - Contract - Other]

    HMH Science Dimensions is designed to address the Next Generation Science Standards. Students learn through exploration, analysis, application, and explanation. 

    Dreambox - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    DreamBox is an interactive online math toolkit and games to help learners think for themselves and make sense of math.


    EasyTech - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie

    EasyTech is a K-8 curriculum featuring scaffolded, computer-based lessons reinforced with activities, discussions, and quizzes for developing students'digital skill set year after year. The program includes coding, computer fundamentals, vidual mapping, keyboarding, online safety, digital citizenship, and internet usage.


    eBoard - Seacliff Educational Solutions [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract - Other]

    eBoard is a web site hosting solution to increase communication and collaboration and integrate technology into the classroom by posting links, photos, pod casts, streaming video, and other digital content in just minutes.


    Edgenuity [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    Edgenuity provides online and blended middle and high school learning. Edgenuity includes the former Compass Learning Odyssey.


    eDoctrina - Frontline - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

     eDoctrina is a multi-purpose curricululm, assessment, and accountability suite of software solutions. The curriculum bundle provides curriculum mapping, scope and sequence rejports, lesoon planning, and unit planning.  The assessment bundle provides tools for building assessments and administering them either online or paper-based.


    eSpark - eSpark Learning [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

     eSpark provides differentiated iPad instruction for grades pre-kindergarten through five.   CoSer 532.526


    Explore Learning [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

     Gizmos are interactive math and science simulations for grades 3 - 12. There are over 400 Gizmos aligned to standards. 

    Reflex is adaptive, individualized software that helps students develop fluency with basic math facts. 



    Footsteps2Brilliance [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract - Other]

    Footsteps2Brilliance® is an early learning solution that helps all children become proficient readers by 3rd grade. The agnostic Mobile Technology Platform allows school districts to leverage the mobile devices that parents already own to scale early literacy citywide. C


    Frontline Education [ELOI - CoSer 602.596]

    Professional Learning Management is a product for tracking and managing professional learning (forrmerly My Learning Plan).


    Frontline Education [ELOI - CoSer 602.598]

    Employee Evaluation Management is a product for  performance assessments and reveiws for education professionals (formerly OASYS).


    Frontline [ELOI - CoSer 602.565]

    Professional Growth - Danielson Solution is the digital version of Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument.


    Frontline Education [ELOI - CoSer 602.585 - Other] 

    Additional Frontline products include Learning and Collaboration Resources and Calibration and Collaboration, 



    Frontier - eSpark Learning [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    Frontier provides inquiry-based web lessons for grades three through eight. CoSer 532.526


    Glencoe - Digital Math - McGraw-Hill [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract - Other]

    The student edition for middle school courses 1, 2, and 3 is available online. Coser 532.560


    Global Compliance Network [ELOI - Coser 507.522]

    GCN provides over 150 online training tutorials that employees can comlete using any computer that has an internet connection. Tutorials are available for OSHA, HR, and professional development topics.


    Go Math Digital - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract - Other]

    GO Math! Elementary and Middle School Math Curriculums provide a wealth of differentiated instruction resources across interactive platforms. CoSer 532.560


    hudl - [ELOI - CoSer 507.560 - Contract]

    Hudl is an online platform to analyze video, track statistics, manage feedback, and create highlights to showcase the success of athletic teams.


    Imagine Learning [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    Imagine Language and Literacy instruction is research based and data driven. Imagine Math is an online tool that uses adaptive instruction to teach standards aligned mathematics lessons differentiated for each student. Imagine Math is based on the former Think Through Math.


    iReady - Curriculum Associates [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    i-Ready is a differentiated instructional program with integrated assessments.


    IXL [ELOI - CoSer532.526 - Erie]

    IXL provides adaptive learning for grades K - 12 students in mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies. The software is designed to accelerate growth for students who need intervention. Each student has a unique action plan. IXL analytics provide teachers with real-time insights.


    K12 Insight [ELOI - CoSer 602.577]

    K12 Insight works with district leadership to develop and implemnet community survey studies. The Making Freedom Matter Workshop is a hands-on workshop designed to work iwth district staff to review, analyze, and interpret survey results to create goals and action plans for school and/or district improvement. Additional services include reports, focus groups, language translation, and schol board presentations.


    Kami - Notable [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract]

    Kami is a PDF and document annotation application.


    kidOYO® [ELOI [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Contract]

    KidOYO produces educational infrastructure for K-12 classrooms to deliver personalized project-based learning outcomes in the areas of computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship education.


    Learning A-Z [E:OI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    Learning A-Z  literacy-focused resources and tools designed in accordance to research-based best practices.


    Learning Ally [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

     Learning Ally is dedicated to helping studints with print disabilities.


    Lightsail [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract]

    Lightsail Library provides free access to ficton and non-fiction texts.


    Mad-Learn [ELOI - [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    Mad-Learn is a platform for students to create Apps built around a six-step design thinking precess.


    Math 180 - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    Math 180 provides mathematics intervention for struggling older students who are two or more years behind in math. The program focuses and deep understanding and mastery of the essential skills and concepts necessary to unlock algebra and advanced mathematics.


    McGraw Hill - digital textbooks [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract - Other]

    Examples of digital books available are Discovering our Past : Eastern Hempisphere Grade 6, My Math, Integrated Science, CUS New York Living Environment, Inspire Science, and Grade 3 New York Social Studies. 


    Method Test Prep - Castle Software - Harris Computers [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contracct - Other]

    Method Test Prep provides online prep for SAT and/or ACT assessments.


    ST Math - Mind Research [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

     ST Math is a visual instructional program that builds a conceptual understanding of math through creative problem solving.


    Modern Teacher [ELOI - CoSer 602.599]

    Modern Teacher software privudes a blueprint for systematic alignment across a district. It is an online change-management platform including actionable steps and key strategic milestones to chart and manage the school improvement journey.  CoSer 602.599


    Nearpod [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Eire - Other]

    Nearpod has 6,500+ ready-to-teach, customizable lessons.


    Newsela [ELOI - CoSer - 532.526 - Erie]

    Newsela builds reading comprehension through leveled articles and real-time assessments. Newsela allows teachers to engage students with primary sources and articles from world-class news publications, enable classes to read together as Newsela adapts to each student's reading level, spark thoughtful classroom discussions, and empower students to find their voices.


    NYLearns - PLS3rd Learning [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    NYLearns was developed to assist teachers in understanding and applying a standards-based approach to teaching and learning. 



    Read 180 - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    Read 180 is a blended learning approach. The learning experience is customized combining traditional and online instruction. Students are able to engage with their choice of content.


    StaffTrac - Educational Vistas [ELOI - CoSer 602.583]

    StaffTrac is a comprehensive web-based teacher-principal evaluation management system that provides a fully electronic process for conducting observations. Administrators add evidence and comments in the actual domain areas. Ratings and scores are automatically incorporated according to district specifications.


    StMath [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie]

    Students solve interactive puzzles, each one providing animated feedback that adapts to a student's response. This informative feedback offers an intrinsically motivating learning experience that shows students the mathematical consequences of each answer. Math concepts are first presented without the use of language and symols, enabling all students to access the critical thinking and visual proglem solving at the heart of mathematics. 



    System 44 - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt [[ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Other]

    System 44 is a foundational reading program for students who are significantly behind. System 44 includes digital tools, data, implmenation support, and professional learning. 



    ThinkCERCA [ELOI - CoSer 532.560 - Contract - Other]

    ThinkCERCA teaches critical thinking through argumentative writing. Data will track student progress on differentiated and self-paced lessons. CoSer532.560


    Thoughtexchange [ELOI - CoSer 602.562]

    AI and machine learning are used to surface valuable insight from survey participants for district decision-making. The analysis tools deliver insgits for district leaders drive change.


    Wixie - Tech4Learning [ELOI - CoSer 532.526 - Erie - Contract]

    Wixie is an online publishing platform for students to share waht they know through their writing, their voice, and their art. With Wixie, students may choose to create a book trailer, illustrate an essay, design a comic strip, develop a timeline, write and record a literary adaptation, and much more. Wixie supports essential team-building and organizaiton skills through real-time collaborative projects.  CoSer 532.526