Educational Communications

  • edcom

    The Nassau BOCES Educational Communications Center provides troubleshooting and repair services for all off-warranty hardware equipment, including computers and tablets, audiovisual equipment, TVs and NetTVs, printers, and other peripherals. Additionally, the service provides videoconferencing setups, videotaping/editing, camera work, and pickup/delivery services.

    Our comprehensive services include: 

    • equipment repair, installation and maintenance

    • Network cabling and fiber optic runs

    • Off-warranty repairs for all peripherals related to technology

    • iPad and Chrome Book repairs

    • Videoconferencing setups and maintenance

    Annual fees and subscription information:  

    • Our annual subscription fee:
    $1,500.00 is used as a debit account for labor (after an item is repaired or an activity is completed, your contract account is debited; only parts used for a repair are billed).
    • Services and Labor are eligible for New York State aid under CoSer 509A.
    • Consultant agreements with outside vendors are available and are subject to a 15% administrative fee.

    CoSer: 509.030