Description of Services

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    Event Driven Camera Monitoring

    Events will trigger cameras to activate. These events can be triggered from the current burglar alarm system, fire alarm system, access control system, and other input devices. Upon activation the nearest camera will populate at the command center and allow the operator to respond using pre‐defined responses including contacting the police, dispatching security, or district specified staff.

    Virtual Tour

    Command Center operator will visually access each camera every 4 hours, observe area, log suspicious activity or events, and respond as defined. These responses can include contacting the police, dispatching security, or district specified staff.

    Audio Response

    Audio communication is one of the various response types built into the command center platform. Integration into existing audio control systems permits the operator to address suspicious activity or events by remotely communicating through PA systems with individuals in the area and respond as defined.


    Lighting Response

    Lighting control enables command center operators to remotely turn on and off lights aiding in performing tours of a facility and enhancing the response of various event types.


    Vital Sign Monitoring


    All systems can be monitored using Vital Sign Monitoring. This system checks all devices every 15 minutes to make sure they are functioning and can alert command center operators if any devices are not working correctly. Operators can respond and even place service calls with the various service companies as needed to ensure that systems are up and running.

    Stand-alone Police Department Access


    For districts that are current participants in Bo‐TIE and do not participate in any other service listed above, a direct and private fiber optic connection between Nassau BOCES and the Nassau County connection to the Nassau County Police Department is still available. Police access to the private network is for emergency response use only and subject to the Memorandum of Agreement established between the Police and the Superintendents of Nassau County.