Student Information Services

  • These powerful databases build student and staff schedules, collect and report discipline records, communicate with parents and guardians via parent portals, maintain student health records, house longitudinal attendance records, and maintain assessment and grade records that aid in curriculum development and academic progression. Certified teams specializing in one or more of these applications provide help-desk support, as well as professional development on a range of topics. Each team works closely with Nassau BOCES’ state reporting and data warehouse departments to ensure the accuracy of data reported.

    Student Information Services is comprised of a suite of applications that manage, track and report diverse student data. These systems vary in size and scope, but all are powerful databases that allow administrators, teachers and parents to share information about students’ educational progress in grades Pre-K through 12.

    These systems record, monitor and analyze grading, attendance, course and transcript data, assessment data, discipline and behavior statistics and student health records. They maximize school-to-home communication and perform robust tasks such as scheduling and state reporting. Each Student Information System has powerful tools that provide for statistical reporting to enhance student achievement.

    Nassau BOCES’ SIS has tremendous visibility and accountability for student success. The certified staff is indispensable when it comes to assisting Nassau BOCES 56 component districts as well as Charter schools and districts outside the Nassau area. From intensive training to timely announcements about hardware, as well as software issues and updates, SIS keeps customers informed about what to look for before problems arise, taking pride in the preferential and personalized support it provides to component districts.