Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

  • Let the Outdoors Become Your STEM Learning Environment!

    Tree in hand STEM & STEAM topics are prevalent during our Annual Special Events held at the Cradle of Aviation: 
     Conservation Education Day  Students engage in activities facilitated by professionals in the fields of wildlife and water conservation, caring for the environment, recycling, solar power, and sustainability. For 2018, the date will be March 19.

    STEM/STEAM Conference for Kids  Students select two hour-long workshops and see a STEM- related film in the Dome Theater. For 2018, the dates will be January 22, 2018 (STEM) and February 12, 2018 (STEAM)

     Many of our programs address STEM content:

    Using a salinometer STEM professionals understand that hands-on experiential learning not only increases student engagement but also results in higher knowledge retention rates for students.

    When outdoors, students are able to interact with elements of the natural world and be introduced to the basics of systems-thinking. Outdoor learning also offers an alternative to text-based instruction for students with different learning styles. And, while participating in ecology field labs and programs aboard charter boats, students are using “tools of the trade” to collect sampling data and learning about STEM-related careers.

    Kids on whale watch   Through group games and initiatives found on our ropes courses at both Brookville and Caumsett, student teams will develop  important 21st Century Skills highly valued in today’s business communities: collaboration, problem-solving, communication skills and teambuilding.

     Marine Archeology and Forensics: MArine forensics
    This STEM program for Middle and High School students takes place right in your classroom! Science and archeology go hand-in-hand as your students take a step back into local history and analyze artifacts in their attempt to solve the mystery of a LI shipwreck.  
    Jobs increase 15 percent     For more information see the Greening of STEM Learning Center

    How do you get students excited about STEM?
    Take 'em Outdoors!