Are you ready to plan your trip?

  • If you can think it...we can do it!" 
    Trip Dates: we can schedule up to a year in advance and booking early ensures that you get the date you A photo of a pond in the early Spring want. With enough notice,  and depending on the program, we can accommodate up to 250 students.
    Chaperones: we advise 1 adult per naturalist group. There is no extra charge for chaperones with the exception of boat and ferry trips and overnight programs for which costs are based on actual head counts.
    Costs: are based on the number of naturalists that are needed to facilitate the program. Our group size ratio is 15 students to one naturalist. Hours over the 4 hour base time frame can be arranged at additional cost.

    Special Requests: we take pride in our creativity and flexibility! 

    Download: Pre-Trip Preparation Information

    For information on how to plan a trip, contact:
    Yajaira Herrera, Program Coordinator
    Phone: (516) 608-6613
    Fax: (516) 333-6432