• iTutor  



    Length: 60 minutes. Longer upon request

    Days of the week: 7 Days

    Hours: 10 am to 9 pm  Possible additional hours upon request.

    Method of scheduling: Web-based scheduling

    Services Available in Multiple Languages

    Session cancellation policy: In a one-on-one session, if a student cancels at least 4 hours prior to their scheduled session, there will be no charge. If a student does not cancel at least 4 hours before, or does not show up, we will bill for the session to help cover the cost of tutor and admin fees. After two consecutive no-shows, we will alert our point of contact, and cancel any upcoming sessions that are scheduled until direction is given on how to proceed.

    Assessments and Reporting:
    • Assessments include: Informal assessments, teacher made pre-tests and post-tests, materials from classroom teachers, state practice tests.
    • Student activity and progress reporting: All student activity is tracked on our Learning Management System. Recorded sessions, attendance, upcoming sessions, and session reports are all included in the iLMS. We will report grades and progress of students directly to your point of contact upon request. 

    Method of contact with district/classroom teachers: The best way to communicate with classroom teachers is via email. Teachers can email or mail assignments, names of textbooks, etc. The person appointed in charge of overseeing our services and requesting sessions becomes our main point of contact. We will communicate progress, grades, attendance, etc. with this person.

    Technical Requirements: Students need a desktop or laptop with a strong internet connection, webcam, and headset. Alternately, the student can use an iPad (with a more limited functionality), or work from their local library computer.

    Technical Assistance: iTutor support is available for students by calling 1-855-MY-ITUTOR, (1-855-698-8886), or by visiting our website’s homepage and simply typing a message in the chat window. Students can also contact technical support directly at

    Platform: Instruction is all web-based. Only one single login is required. Students register on our website and receive a username and password to log into sessions. When they login they are directed to their personal iLMS screen where they can launch whiteboard tutoring sessions at the click of one button.

    Recorded Sessions: Sessions are recorded and are available for playback in the student’s personal iLMS.

    Description of lesson bank: Documents can be uploaded directly onto the whiteboard which gives tutors and students unlimited possibilities for lessons and information sharing. In addition, our tutors have access to a bank of Common Core materials, practice state tests, a large bank of e-textbooks, and slide shares.

    Description of tutoring staff: All of our tutors are New York State Certified, vetted teachers who are trained, supported, and closely monitored by iTutor administrative staff members.

    District Responsibilities:  The district needs to provide a point of contact from which all communications can be exchanged. This is usually the person from Guidance or Pupil Personnel who is already assigned to Home Bound Instruction, or Student Support.

    Other Information:
    iShare: Tutors administer homework assignments, study guides, etc., through iShare. This is accessed through ILMS. Tutors can send students assignments, and when completed the student can send it back to the tutor through iShare. A student can also share a school assignment, essay, etc. with their tutor so that the tutor can be prepared to help them with it during their tutoring sessions.

    Services offered: iTutor offers a variety of services such as Home Bound Instruction, Test Prep, Recovery time for hours missed in class to avoid receiving an incomplete, tutoring for all subject areas, as well as use of our whiteboard and our iLMS system with the school’s teachers when needed.

    Contact Nassau BOCES Center for Online Learning for pricing.