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    In order to protect the security, privacy and integrity of information used throughout Nassau BOCES, we have implemented Sharefile, a product designed for secure access and sharing of data.   Sharefile is an intuitive system with user friendly features but adds additional security to work in an enterprise environment like Nassau BOCES.  This means that all data sent with Sharefile is encrypted and stored internally on the Nassau BOCES network.
    With Sharefile, you will be able to:
    • Share files with colleagues, school districts and service partners
    • Remotely access files using your existing network credentials
    • Upload and download files to your personal storage area
    • Access files from any PC, Mac, or mobile device
    • Utilize advanced features for additional layers of security and access to content
    There are four primary uses and methods of utilization depending on your use and role:
    • Utilization through the desktop plugin.
    • Utilization when sharing files through the Outlook email Client.
    • Utilization through a Web Portal.
    • Utilization through an App. 
    Below is a brief video introduction to Sharefile.

    Please use and explore the resources on the right on this page to learn more about the usage of Sharefile.  If you experience any issues, please contact the Customer Care Center at (516) 334-1770.

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Last Modified on February 5, 2018