IDW Account - Basic Requirements

  • Dear Educator:

    Nassau BOCES Regional Information Center maintains an IDW user management solution available to select district administrators to insure the utmost privacy and security of student and teacher information.

    Access to the IDW reporting system requires an individual account with a unique name and password. Individuals no longer have the ability to create an account on their own.  

    Account creations or transfers are administered by your district’s IDW Account Manager assigned by the district superintendent.  You must be employed by the school district to be assigned an account. You must provide basic contact information: name, district email address, job title. phone number, and a valid TEACH ID. 

    Accounts are assigned to security groups by your IDW Account Manager. The available security groups are: District Level, Building Level, Teacher and Counselor. Each security group determines the appropriate level of access to data for each user.

    If you are new to a district and have an account from a previous district, you must have your account imported by the IDW Account Manager to the new district, as opposed to creating a new account in the new district.

    You may recover your password at any time using the “Password Recovery” link on the login page. However, key information for recovery will only be sent to the email address associated with the account.

    IDW Account Managers are encouraged to reference the IDW Account Management guide above.

    Nassau BOCES Regional Information Center