Account Creation - Basic Requirements

  • Dear Educator:

    Nassau BOCES Regional Information Center introduced a new IDW user management solution to insure the utmost privacy and security of student and teacher information.

    Access to the IDW reporting system will now require an individual user name and password, just as you would have for any financial institution you may do business with online.

    To create an account you must be employed by a school district (you will be asked for the current district account information). You must provide some basic contact information: name, email address, job title and phone number.  And, you must have a valid TEACH ID. 


    • The name and TEACH ID submitted for account creation must match the name and TEACH ID in your HR System.
    • Your account will not be activated until you receive an email from Nassau BOCES.

    A description of the process, along with detailed instructions for creating an account can be retrieved by downloading the "Create Account Guide” (below, right).

    NEW this month, a feature has been added to allow an appointed district administrator to manage IDW accounts for his or her own district. Instructions for using this feature are included in the document “Account Management Guide.pdf” (right). This feature is only available to account holders assigned by their district and implemented by Nassau BOCES.  

    Once you are familiar with the process, click the “Create Account” button (below, right) to register.

    All district accounts were disabled on June 30th 2016. However, the account credentials will work for the purpose of creating a new account, until further notice.

    The account creation page includes up-to-date contact information in case you have difficulty.

    You may use the "Create Account" page to recover your password at any time, once you have created your account (see the password recovery tab at the top of the page). 

    Thank you for your cooperation. 

    Nassau BOCES Regional Information Center