Creating a User Account in BUZZ

  • Use the search feature below to look up the custom URL for your school building. Please note the URL and the creation code for your building.

    NOTE: If you are not a part of any specific district, or are from a district OUTSIDE of Nassau County (ex: Suffolk, NYC DOE etc.) please use our general professional development domain here:  

    General Professional Development Creation Code: #hhx

    If you belong to central administration or if you have district-based/ cross-building responsibilities please choose "district name" multi-building when using the search feature.

    *To view all click submit with no information entered in the field*

Finding Your District/Building URL and Creation Code

  • Starts With
  • Contains
  • Starts With
  • Contains

Using the Creation Code to Create Your Own Buzz Account

  • Navigate to your school building's unique buzz landing page using the search feature above.

    *Please make sure you are on the correct page for your school or the Creation Code will not work. Receiving an 'Invalid Code' error indicates that the code and URL do not match*

    To create your user account in BUZZ, find the 'Create Account' prompt by clicking on the 3 vertical dots at the top right of the BUZZ landing page (shown below). Complete the required fields. Insert your building's creation code found using the search feature below. After all fields have been completed satisfactorily click create. 


    image: location of create account button



Enrolling in a Course

  • Ask your teacher or administrator for the registration code you need in order to join a course.

    To join a course:

    1. Open the User Menu.
    2. Select Enroll in course (if this doesn't appear, contact your teacher/administrator).
    1. Enter the registration code.
    2. Click Verify Code to make sure it is correct.
    3. If it’s correct, click Enroll; if not, contact your teacher or administrator.