October 2015 Meeting


  • NASTECH Sharing and Lunch


    Smart Schools Bond Act Update

    Ann DeLutri, Senior Manager, CIT


    Mobile Device Snapshot: Hicksville Middle School

    Daniel Friedman, Director of Technology and Grants, Hicksville UFSD


    Classroom Collaboration Solutions for Mobile Devices


    Ed Kemnitzer, Executive Assistant for Technology Integration of Curriculum Support & Development, Massapequa UFSD

    Anthony Showalter, Co-Founder & President, Pear Deck


    Splashtop Classroom & Mirroring 360

    Marc Licht, Director of Technology

    Thomas Deng, Splashtop in Education


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  • Meeting Preview

    Posted by Matthew Hejna on 10/9/2015

    October 2015 Meeting

    We will continue with the Smart Schools Bond Act update. Ann DeLutri has been researching answers to your questions posted to the listserv and will share additional information made available to the RICs. Please continue to send us any questions you would like to have addressed.

    Dan Friedman provided the following information regarding the Mobile Device Snapshot he will be presenting along with network engineer Ric Marques: “The Hicksville Public Schools has been using iPads one-to-one with our sixth through eighth graders and is now entering our fourth year. We are actively using Google Apps for Education including Google Classroom as well as eSpark for custom app assignment. For the first three years of our model, students did not take devices home. The second phase of our one-to-one initiative began this year at Hicksville High School where all students are receiving touchscreen Chromebooks. With the Chromebooks, we are continuing to work with GAFE as it provides an outstanding bridge from the iPad to the Chromebook.”

    Finally we will be taking a look at Classroom Collaboration Solutions for Mobile Devices. With Pear Deck, which is built on top of Google Apps for Education, teachers can make any presentation interactive and gain insight into student understanding. Mirroring360 provides you the ability to wirelessly mirror the display screen of devices such as iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, PC, or Mac to computers.  Splashtop Classroom enables teachers to remotely control the lesson from anywhere in the classroom, annotate, then share with students.

    Ed Kemnitzer of Massapequa will share how Pear Deck has been a highly successful tool for their Middle School teachers while Marc Licht will discuss the use of Splashtop and Mirroring365 in Mineola.

    Pre-Meeting Session (12:00 – 1:00)

    E-Rate Update
    Win Himsworth, E-Rate Central

    Dramatic changes have and are taking place in fiber system funding along with new Category 2 funding available to applicants at all discount levels.  In parallel, E-rate discounts have been eliminated or are being phased out for a number of “legacy” services. The big change for next year, already underway, has been the creation of a new online portal system to handle all E-rate form creation and correspondence.  This briefing will provide an overview of these important topics but participants are encouraged to attend the full training to be held on November 2 in Oakdale.

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