Why is the chemistry of the hair so imporant?

The Human Hair

  • Using Glogster, design an info-graphic on your assigned topic. Be sure to include mostly images, video, voice threads, and links, and keywords for text. As you present, you will elaborate on your finding.

    1. Compare the chemical reformation using chemical hair relaxer and using permanent hair solution.
    2. Explain the chemical composition of natural hair color.
    3. Differentiate between a sodium hydroxide relaxation and ammonium thioglycolate relaxer. 
    4. Formulate reasons for Alopecia and the reason the hair releases from the papilla.
    5. Explain Acid balanced products with human hair and skin
    6. Explain the chemical process of hair-washing and conditioning.  
    7. Why is a basic understanding of chemistry important to a cosmetologist?
    8. What is the difference between organic and inorganic chemistry? How does it relate to cosmetology?
    9. What is the difference between solutions, suspensions, and emulsions? Give examples.  
    10. Explain the structure and purpose of each of the hair’s layers.
    11. Explain the chemical actions that take place during permanent waving.


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