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    The role of a Work-Based Learning Coordinator includes:  Educator, Job Coach, Sales Person, Event Planner, Advisory Board Facilitator.   See https://sites.google.com/site/wblcompetencies/home   Upon successful completion of the two work-based learning certification courses, the individual should be able to demonstrate the following competencies. 

    #1  Programs and Certification

    I am competent that I possess the knowledge and skills of the various Work-based Learning programs and the certification required to supervise a quality program.

    Indicators:  Able to use critical thinking skills to determine the best program options from the four NYS approved registered programs along with CDOS Commencement Credential and other forms of Work-based Learning activities.  Program assessment will be validated via the program's annual report which includes data, surveys and future strategies for improvement and growth.

    #2  Work-based Learning Coordinator’s Role in Career Pathways and Readiness

    I am competent that I possess the knowledge and skills to determine the impact and role Work-based Learning Programs play in relation to career choices, graduation requirements, special designed programs and career pathways.

    Indicators:  Able to guide students to the proper pathway for college and career readiness.   Knowledgeable of NYS Department of Education latest policies as it pertains to Work-based Learning programs.

    #3   Work-based Learning Coordinator

    I am competent that I possess the knowledge and skills needed to be a 21st century Work-based Learning Coordinator.  

    Indicators:  In order to establish employer interest in our programs, I am able to use networking skills to persuade employers to become trainers, guest speakers and advisory board members.  My resources include business card, elevator pitch, brochures, media presentations, LinkedIn and other social media presence.

    #4   Advisory Board

    I am competent that I possess the knowledge and skills to create and sustain a school business advisory board.

    Indicators:  For a successful advisory board which meets frequently, I am able to identify potential members from the business, government, alumni, student, associations, unions, communities.   Resources I have available are:  Links to corporations and all above mentioned groups, sample communications, structure and strategy on how to operate a board for the school.

    #5   Marketing of Program

    I am competent that I possess the knowledge and skills to educate students, parents and employers about the benefits of Work-based Learning. 

    Indicators:  Able to create the marketing materials and use tools such as technology, websites and social media to educate my audiences for the positive outcome of enrollment in the school's Work-based Learning program.

    #6  Career Counseling

    I am competent that I possess the knowledge and skills to career counsel my students, define career clusters, and create student career plans?  Furthermore, aware of the changing 21st century workforce needs to best guide my students to successful careers.

    Indicators:  Able to find career solutions for students using "Career DNA," ONET, and social media.  Frequently update personal knowledge of labor market trends, economic development, and counseling techniques.

    #7  Student Preparation for Training

    I am competent that I possess the knowledge and skills to prepare my Work-based Learning students for placement and training?

    Indicators:  Able to create and deliver employability skills training in anticipation of presenting students to employers for career exploration or career development needs.  Furthermore, able to apply creative skills towards Work-based Learning activities such as virtual internships and textbooks, classroom simulations, authentic industry project learning activities.

    #8   Job Coaching Skills

    I am competent that I possess the knowledge and job coaching skills to motivate and direct students to train successfully with individuals from other generations.

    Indicators:  Students are given opportunities to develop the following skills 21st Century Skills:  flexibility, adaptable, time management, work independently, self-directed learner, interact and work effectively in diverse teams, manage products, produce results, demonstrate leadership and be responsible to others.  Furthermore, knowledge of generational differences will be shared with employers, parents, students and teachers.

    #9   Training and Placement

    I am competent that I possess the knowledge and skills to place and supervise my students at their Work-based Learning training sites in alignment with the 21st Century Skills. 

    Indicators:  For proper program management I am able to create business forms such as enrollment, memorandum of agreement, training plan, and employability skills profile.  Furthermore, able to educate my students as to teamwork and collaboration activities which occur at the job site.

    #10  Labor Law and Safety Training Measures

    I am competent that I possess the knowledge and skills to interpret and apply the NYS and US Government Labor Laws for Minors.

    Indicators:  For the safety of my students and employers. able to apply the child labor laws and OSHA standards such as hours of work, hazardous occupations, use of tools and equipment, sexual harassment, and violence in the workplace.


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