About the Program

  • Thinking about taking a welding course? We offer welding programs for both High School students in 11th or 12th grade as well as adult learners in the evening.   For more information on the Adult Evening program click here   
    The  welding program is designed to teach students how to safely work in a welding shop utilizing Oxy-fuel cutting and welding equipment, TIG welding (GTAW), MIG welding (GMAW) Stick welding (SMAW) as well as Flux Cored arc welding and Plasma Cutting.  High school students can take advantage of our CNC plasma table to create custom welding projects.
    The course utilizes a hands on approach to learning the art of welding.  It takes many hours of practice to master the fusion of various metals and develop employable confidence. This program is setup to allow as much time on task as possible so that these goals can be achieved.  Students will learn the basics of setting up and troubleshooting their welding equipment, metal preparation essentials and practice working on different joints in various positions such as Flat, Vertical Horizontal and Overhead using all of the processes we have available here. 
    Once students have demonstrated a basic understanding of welding various weld joints, projects are assigned  to help strengthen fabrication skills such as measuring, cutting and joint fit-up quality workmanship.  Students are also encouraged satisfy their own fabrication needs/wants by designing and building their own welding projects.  
    Second year students will not only have the opportunity to work on fabrication projects but they will also have the opportunity  to practice for many of the common welding tests used in industry.
    Some of these tests include:
    AWS D1.1 structural steel unlimited thickness test (SMAW and or FCAW-G) 
    6G pipe tests using SMAW as well as GTAW root pass.
    Upon successful completion of any of these tests, students will also receive an official Welder Qualification Test Record stamped and approved by an AWS certified Welding inspector.