November 2015 Meeting


  • NASTECH Sharing and Lunch


    Mobile Device Snapshot: Plainedge UFSD

    Dr. Edward A. Salina Jr., Superintendent of Schools, Plainedge UFSD


    Asset Management & Tracking Systems

    SafeSchools SDS, Online SDS & Chemical Management

    Peter LaDuca, Nassau BOCES Health & Safety

    Justin Moore, Scenario Learning


    Roslyn Inventory System

    Jason Lopez, Roslyn UFSD


    Follet Destiny Resource Manager

    David Casamento & Erik Larsen, East Williston UFSD

    Richard Ruggiero, Follett


    School Asset Manager

    Christopher Nelson, Sewanhaka

    Erik Danson, Troxell Communications





    Going Beyond the Robo Call … Community Engagement Solutions from SchoolMessenger

    Joyce Whitby, SchoolMessenger


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  • Meeting Preview

    Posted by Matthew Hejna on 11/6/2015

    November 2015 Meeting

    This month’s Mobile Device Snapshot will feature Plainedge UFSD. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edward A. Salina, Jr. will discuss the expansion of their rollout of the iPad and eSpark one to one initiative. Students in grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are being assigned an iPad with specially selected software which they will be able to take home with them each day. One of the major goals of this program is to leverage the eSpark system to assist children in grades 4 and 5 with their individualized learning needs. As part of the District’s Technology Roadmap, Plainedge UFSD believes this personalized learning experience will positively impact student achievement.

    If someone moved your cheese, would you know where to find it and how much was left? We’ll take a look at a few Asset Management & Tracking Systems and learn about solutions currently in use by your colleagues, along with a brief product overview from the vendors. Though chemical inventory and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) management are not typically on the radar of technology directors, Peter LaDuca of Nassau BOCES Health & Safety will let you know why it should. We will also take a look at SafeSchools SDS, an online management system. In addition, NASTECH whiz-kid Jason Lopez will show his homegrown Roslyn Inventory System, David Casamento and Eric Larsen will discuss their use of the Follet Destiny Resource Manager in East Williston, and Christopher Nelson will share how School Asset Manager is being utilized in Sewanhaka.

    Many of you are familiar with SchoolMessenger as a leading provider of mass notification, aka the “robo call” alerts for school closings, absences/tardy calls, and now available in SMS text and email channels as well. What you may not realize is that this year SchoolMessenger has built a whole suite of community and parent engagement solutions. In Going Beyond the Robo Call … Community Engagement Solutions from SchoolMessenger, Joyce Whitby will provide an overview of all their solutions including mobile apps, content management systems (websites), social media management, email scanning, and single sign on for all constituents that require access to your district apps (staff, students and parents).

    Pre-Meeting Session (12:00 – 1:00)

    Applications/Extensions for Google & Apple/iOS Think Tank

    Come early to join Andrew Choi of Bethpage for this suggested think tank topic.

    “In terms of applications/extensions on the Google Chromebooks, I am always interested to hear which applications/extensions other school districts are successfully using for student learning. As you know, there's a great number of applications/extensions in the Google Web Store, so a Think Tank to share applications/extensions with one another and a brief 2-3 minute overview would be helpful. This would allow all of the participants in this collaborative format to bring other application/extension back to their district. While Bethpage doesn't have the number of iPads deployed (compared to Google Chromebooks), I am sure that a concurrent Think Tank on Apple/iOS applications would prove beneficial for districts with Apple products used for student learning.”

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