Infectious Diseases

Healthcare Project

  • Using Glogster, design an info-graphic on your assigned topic. Be sure to include mostly pictures, and only keywords for text. You can also use video and voice threads.  As you present, you will elaborate on your findings.


    Step 1:  Choose and discuss topic with me. (Topics listed below) 

    Step 2:  Brainstorm 4 - 6 separate ideas that relate to your topic.

    Step 3:  Begin creating your storyboard based on the ideas listed above. 


    1.  Explain how your body fights off disease.

    2.  Compare and contrast a direct transmission disease vs. an indirect transmission disease.

    3.  How can vaccines help prevent infectious disease?

    4.  Analyze an infectious disease and explain how it is transmitted and treated.

    5.  Explain how some diseases re-emerge?

    6.  Explain the different areas of infectious diseases.

    7.  Explain the importance of vaccines.

    8.  Describe how the immune system is like our military?

    9.  Write a job description for the head director for each of the following:  FDA, NIH, CDC, and WHO.

    10.  What are the specifics causes of infectious diseases?

    Heath Skills Topics:

    1.  Describe an infectious disease. 

    2.  Identify the specific causes of infectious disease. 

    3.  Define how your body fights off disease. 

    4.  Describe how the immune system is like out military.

    5.  Describe a job description for the head director for each of the following NIH, CDC and WHO.  

    6.  Describe how vaccines help prevent infections diseases.  

    7.  Identify ways that you could prevent the spread of infections or diseases.  



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