• Fitness Lifestyle Design

    Credits: 0.5 (per segment)
    Estimated Completion Time: 1 segment / 16-18 weeks


    Students spend quality time at Club Web and learn healthy habits for body and mind to lead to a healthier lifestyle. Students assess their beginning fitness levels and nutritional knowledge, then create individual plans for achieving personalized goals.

    The expertise of a professional fitness staff combine with natural surroundings perfect for fun and relaxation at Club Web, and students are set for fitness adventure. Among the numerous activities available to Club Web guests are golf, tennis, racquetball, biking, the health and fitness center, and the walking and jogging trail. While at Club Web, students improve flexibility, enhance cardiovascular fitness, and increase strength and endurance.

    The goal of this course is to help students experience the benefits of exercise, proper nutrition, and weight management..

    Major Topics and Concepts:

    Pacing Yourself
    Exercise Safety
    Components of Fitness/Healthy Lifestyle
    Overcoming Excuses
    Surgeon General’s Report
    Benefits of Exercise
    Medical History
    Nutritional Habits
    Activity Levels
    BMI Measurement Tools
    Fitness Testing
    Stress Relief
    Goal Setting
    Heart Rates
    Parts of Fitness – Flexibility, Cardio respiratory, Muscular Endurance/Strength
    Food Pyramid
    Safe Exercise Equipment
    Food Labels/Nutritional Claims
    Calorie Counting
    Serving Sizes
    Workout Plan Designing
    Athletes with Disabilities
    Modifying Workout Plans
    Meal Planning
    Analyzing Workout Facilities/Trainers
    Risks for Disease
    Wellness Programs in the Workplace
    Logging Workouts on a Weekly Basis
    Participation in Team Sports/Group Activities