March 2016 Meeting




    Pre-Meeting Session (12:00 – 1:00 p.m.)


    Meet & Greet new Microsoft Education Account Executive Larry Devine

    MDM Solutions Think Tank 



    District Sharing and Lunch               



    Mobile Device Snapshot: Roslyn UFSD


    Jason Lopez, Chief Technology Officer, Roslyn UFSD


    Student Data Privacy Revisited


    Challenges Facing School Districts


    Sean Adcroft, Manhasset UFSD

    Review of New York Education Law 2-D


    Diana Cannino, Esq., Ingerman Smith LLP



    Professional Development Modules


    Chris Fordyce, Cyber Security Simulation Specialist, Symantec Corporation

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    Posted by Matthew Hejna on 3/4/2016

    March 2016 Meeting

    This month’s Mobile Device Snapshot will feature Roslyn UFSD where over 2,500 iPads are deployed district-wide, including a 1-to-1 program in the high school, a pilot in the middle school starting next September, and classroom sets of 4 devices for grades K – 5. Roslyn was an early adapter of this revolutionary device and hosted a site visit to the district in November, 2010 sharing their process and vision of “Unlocking the use of technology in our schools” with the iPad. Jason Lopez will provide an overview of the early days, where the district has come to-date, and plans for the future.

    We’ve been hearing from a number of NASTECH members who have been assigned the responsibility of insuring compliance with New York Education Law 2-D, and have asked for assistance in managing this daunting, and still somewhat unclear, task. Sean Adcroft of Manhasset has offered to take the lead in this cause by sharing specific questions and concerns, as well as possible strategies for collectively addressing these issues through the NASTECH group.

    We are pleased to welcome back Diana Cannino, Esquire, Ingerman Smith LLP to review the current legislation and provide guidance on where districts face their greatest liabilities. Since NYSED has not yet hired a Chief Privacy Officer some tenets of 2-D could yet be revised. The ACLU has drafted An Act to Protect Student Privacy with Respect to Electronic Data. Is this is a document worth endorsing; should we draft an original appeal to the incoming CPO specifying concerns regarding the more onerous requirements of the legislation? We will discuss these as well as any other suggested options.

    As discussed in previous meetings, one of the biggest challenges of protecting student data and network security in general is raising awareness among district staff. Symantec Corporation offers a series of professional development modules to raise general awareness on topics such as Passwords, How Hackers Get In, Data Protection and Destruction, Phishing and many more. Cyber Security Simulation Specialist Chris Fordyce will join us to demo a few of these modules. Use the following link to view Symantec’s Security Awareness Service Module List and Descriptions. If you’d like a trial account with access to all modules, contact

    This would be a good meeting to invite your district CIO. We look forward to seeing you!

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