• Welcome to the Nassau BOCES dashboard reporting resource.  These tools represent specific metrics associated with our operation as an agency as well as overall management of our programs and services.

    The reporting infrastructure has been split into report types with a focus on specific measurements that have either been identified by the Agency as being important measures to track or through analysis and conversations with individuals within the service areas.

    The reporting spaces are role-based and with permissions established by the CoSer and/or service level.  These tools are meant, not only to benchmark, but also to serve as a means to manage service delivery and resources at an actionable level. 

    Below is a brief description of these report spaces that are currently available for use.

    The data for the dashboards are pulled nightly from the feeder systems. 
    ***  We recommend using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome  *** 
    • Revenue and Expenses  - Combines WinCap billed revenue with PeopleSoft Expenses.  The billed revenue and expenses are as of the last WinCap billing date.
    • Purchase Orders  - PeopleSoft purchase order including voucher and check information.
    • Letter Of Intent -  Letter of Intent data from the department and district perspective.
    • RSIP and CTE - Student application data from District Portal and enrollment data from billing
    • Executive Reporting - District ranking and aid ratio data
    • Power Apps- Data from our applications including Invoices, Budget Adjustments, Requests for Personnel, Exit Checklists, Food Services, and Consultant Contracts
Last Modified on December 7, 2023