May 2016 Meeting





    Pre-Meeting Session (12:00 – 1:00 p.m.)

    2016 Instructional Technology Plan, Learning Studio 2 – Separate registration required

    District Sharing and Lunch                


    Mobile Device Snapshot: Mineola UFSD, a few steps closer to finding the Holy Grail …

    Marc Licht, Director of Technology

    Dr. Whitney Smith, Principal. High School

    Lisa Marino, Mathematics Teacher High School

    Matt Gaven, Principal, Middle School

    Dominic Tolipano, Math Teacher, Middle School

    Deborah Doherty, ELA Teacher, Middle School


    RICOne (take 2), Data Integration, Single Sign-On, Student Privacy solution

    Dr. Valerie D’Aguanno, Assistant Director, Nassau BOCES

    Chris Reinertsen, Assistant Director, Nassau BOCES

    Jane Boyd, Supervisor, Nassau BOCES

    Choosing a Learning Management System, factors and features to consider for district adoption

    Elisa Barilla, Center for Online Learning, Nassau BOCES

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  • Meeting Preview

    Posted by Matthew Hejna on 5/6/2016

    May 2016 Meeting

    We wrap up this year’s series of Mobile Device Snapshots with an impressive lineup of educators from Mineola UFSD introduced by Sir Marc Licht, who will set stage for his presentation of “A Few Steps Closer to Finding the Holy Grail…” Dr. Whittney Smith ans Lisa Marino will demonstrate the conceptual curriculum framework for Mineola HS which is based on the creation of course materials using ITunes U. They will also discuss the use of eBackpack as the student workflow solution, and Edmodo to communicate with students and parents.

    Matt Gaven, Dominick Tolipano, and Deb Doherty will demonstrate some of the many innovative curriculum websites and applications for differentiated learning and the flipped classroom model used in Mineola Middle School.

    • MATHSPACE is a website that keeps a complete record of each student’s work, marked automatically line by line. A teacher can drill down by class or by student right down to each step of every problem. MATHSPACE uses adaptive learning technology to provide real time data to teachers.
    • School4One is an innovative application that stores our digitized curriculum. In addition, School4One provides a workflow solution to post lessons, submit assignments, provide feedback & track student progress by Common Core State Standards.
    • LightSail is an application that accelerates literacy development with embedded assessments and motivation built into the product.

    We will redo the RICOne presentation scheduled for last month. The 12 Regional Information Centers in New York State are working collectively with the State Education Department on a plan to better utilize student data systems to improve school operations and classroom instruction . RIC OneAPI supports the exchange of data between authorized education solutions via a common set of exchange formats; RIC OneSignOn links a person’s electronic identity across multiple identity management systems. Nassau BOCES CIT Assistant Directors Dr. Valerie D’Aguanno and Chris Reinertsen will provide an overview of the scope and projected timeline of this project.

    We thought a good "next step" to this year's focus on mobile learning initiatives would be to delve into the area of how to best adopt organized learning systems that provide the foundation for digital classroom instruction. To that end, Elisa Barilla, Coordinator of the Center for Online Learning, will give an introductory overview of the LMS question: what choices of self- or ready-made systems are available, the needs they address, and what questions/processes should be addressed for district adoption.

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