• Student Registration

    To register students into the Nassau BOCES Online Learning Academy, students must be registered by an authorized "District Mentor". A Mentor is a guidance counselor or other school official who has been registered in our Genius: Student Information System and will be in charge of registering your students in their online classes. You must be registered as a district Mentor or go through an official Mentor from your district to complete the registration process.
    Learn more about District Mentors here.

    Step 1: Log into Genius - Student Information System (SIS)

    As a registered "District Mentor," you should have received your username and password in an email from Genius titled; "Nassau BOCES COL Account Creation Notification". If you haven't registered, learn more at the District Mentor page.  If you have registered but have not yet received your username and password, please contact our technical support department at: nbcol@nasboces.org 
    Log into Genius at   nassauboces.geniussis.com and enter your username and password in the fields provided on the left. A link to the login page can also be found in the email mentioned above, containing your username and password.

  •  Step 2:  Adding a Student Account in Genius

    Once you are logged into Genius, adding your students is simple.
    • Click on the "Students" tab at the top
    • Click on the "Add Student" link on the right
    • Enter your student information in the highlighted fields 
    • Click on "Save"
    Your students will receive an email from Genius with their log-in information. 
    Below is a video tutorial on adding a student account in Genius.  To watch video in full screen, click on enlarge video icon:Enlarge Video Icon   
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  •  Step 3:  Requesting Student Enrollment in a Course

    Once you have added your student account in Genius, your next step to request enrollment in a course.
    • Click on "Students" tab on the top
    • Click on "Students name"
    • Click on "Requested Courses" on the left 
    • Click on "Add A New Course Request"
    • Select the term, course and start date
    • Click on "Save"
    Your Genius dashboard will now show "waiting approval" next to students name.
    Below is a video tutorial on "Requesting Student Enrollment in a Course."   To watch video in full screen, click on:Full Screen Icon   
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  • Step 4: Accessing and Completing Required Documents

    Easily the most important step. Without these required documents The Center for Online Learning won't be able to let your students take courses in the Online Learning Academy. This step covers two important documents that need to be signed.
    • Online Learning Academy Student Contract
    • School District Letter of Agreement
    These documents can be found here.
    The Student Contract must be sent to the prospective student you wish to enroll in courses. It needs to be signed by the student, their parent/guardian and by yourself as the student's Mentor.
    The School District Letter of Agreement (LOA) must be signed by either your school district's Superintendent or the Assistant Superintendent of Business. This document confirms your district's willingness to pay for the student to take courses with the Online Learning Academy. This document must be accompanied by a list of course requests that have been properly entered using 'Step 3'. This list may be per student or a full list including all students request's.
    All new course requests must be submitted with a signed LOA before they will be accepted. 

    How to create a full list of pending course requests for your students:

    • Click the "Reports" tab on the top
    • Click "Run Report" on the list on the left (In the Dynamic Reports box)
    • Select a report from the dropdown
    • Choose the "Pending OLA Student Course Requests" report 
    • Click "Run Report"
    • Print this screen and attach it to the School District Letter of Agreement document
    • Send completed document to your Superintendent or your Assistant Superintendent for Business
    This report will only show course requests that have the approval status of "Waiting Review". Once Nassau BOCES has received the signed LOA the status of a request will change to approved and it will no longer be shown when running this report in the future. To check the status of an individual request you must go to the "Course Requests" page of the student the request was for.
    Below is a video tutorial on "Accessing and Completing the Required Documents" To watch video in full screen, click on:Full Screen Icon   
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