Did you know?

  • There are many legal mandates and government guidelines that school districts must follow regarding health services. See the facts here.


    Do you have a protocol for medication on trips?

    State Education Department Guidelines mandate certain practices when students who receive medication during the school day are going on a trip.

    Do all of your students with healthcare needs have an individualized healthcare plan?

    State Education Department Guidelines require that each student who has healthcare needs, such as asthma, allergies, and diabetes have a unique healthcare plan individualized to their needs which is reviewed at least annually.boys basket ball team


    Has your school doctor signed an approval for each student participating in intramural sports?

    State Education Department has developed guidelines which require oversight of sports participation by the school doctor.


    Is your health office documentation in compliance with FERPA?

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires that health and medical information for students be kept separate and confidential.


    Do your school nurses participate in professional development that is geared to their needs?

    It is recognized that planning professional development that is supportive of the role of the school nurse can be difficult. Participation in this CoSer provides free access to several professional development opportunities each year.



    Do you have a protocol for the administration of non-FDA approved medication, herbal remedies and nutritional supplements?

    These remedies are becoming more and more common. Additional oversight is needed when these preparations are provided within the school environment.


     Does the individual who oversees health office practices in your district have support in decision-making based upon NYS guidelines and laws?

    It is recognized that the individual assigned to oversee the activities of the school nurse typically has little knowledge of nursing practice laws as well as NYSED guidelines for health office practices. Participation in this CoSer provides access to individuals with strong backgrounds in this field and who can offer support in decision-making and protocol development.


    Do you have a protocol for medication administration including incidents when a student misses a dose?

    It is inevitable that a student will miss a dose of a medication from time to time whether it is due to refusal, forgetfulness, or no medication in school. Each of these is considered an incident requiring follow-up.