Vocational Planning and Assessment

  • As part of a comprehensive program to ensure student’s academic, social and vocational success at Barry Tech, our on staff Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Melissa Lewis, is available to perform Level I, II, and ELL assessments. These assessments are intended to identify areas for vocational exploration, career/college counseling and transitional planning. The assessment includes, but is not limited to the following: a student questionnaire and interview, interest inventories, learning styles assessment, hands-on and paper/pencil and computerized aptitude tests.

    The various levels of assessments are as follows:

    Skills Assessment (Level I):

    desk All first years skills students at Barry Tech receive a Level I Vocational Assessment. This is to ensure appropriate CTE Skills placement in accordance with CDOS and SAC credential requirements. This assessment can also provide the CTE instructor with beneficial information about the students' "hands on" strengths or areas that may require remediation. The level I assessment is customized to each classroom instructor's specifications. Teachers select from a variety of "hands on" assessments that are relevant to their specific class curriculum.

    Vocational Assessment (Level II):

    The goal of this assessment is to provide the school district with important information regarding student academic and hands on skill level, interests, and vocational strengths. The Level II assessment will provide school personnel with documentation to support transitional planning and IEP requirements. A comprehensive report with recommendations is forwarded to the referring school district after completion of the assessment. School districts that participate in the Perkins Consortium finger dexterity are eligible for three “free” Level II Vocational Assessments for their students. These assessments are held at Barry Tech, and take place during two consecutive morning or afternoon sessions. In most cases, students are able to take the BOCES school bus to and from their home high school to Barry Tech. For those districts who require more than the three allotted assessments (or are not part of the Perkins Consortium), this service is available on a paid fee basis.

    ELL Assessment:

    High schools participating in the Perkins Consortium may use their three “free” assessments for an ELL Level II Assessment. This assessment can be completed during one morning or one afternoon session at Barry Tech. The goal of this assessment is to provide school personnel with information regarding student hands on skill level, interests and strengths in order to support career/vocational planning. The focus of the ELL evaluation is “hands on” testing, particularly since language may be a barrier in planning for this student population. Interest inventories are also administered. At the present time, we are able to accommodate Spanish speaking students with assessments in their native language. There are several ELL staff members on hand at Barry Tech who can provide language assistance if needed. Students are met when they arrive to Barry Tech, and are escorted to their bus upon returning to their home district. Therefore, no additional translators are needed to accompany the students.
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  • Melissa Lewis, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
    Phone: 516-622-6846