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How to Blow Out Hair

  • Step 1: Apply a heat protectyor to the hair and blow dry at least 85% of hair to get all of the moisture out. After, section the hair in 4-5 neat, even sections.pinning hair
    Step 2:  Blow dry the roots of the hair in each section. First, making your way to the mid-section slowly working down to the ends of the hair. Over direct the hair by the crown area for voucle use a 1 inch thermal round brush
    Blow out
    Step 3: End with a styling spray or creme to lock in your finished look.
    finished hair

How to Dutch Braid Hair

    Step 1: Brush out all the tangles in the hair with a paddle brush. 
    Step 2: Part the hair in the middle from the top of the  head to the nape. You should end up with 2 parts.
    Step 3: Start of with one of the parts and take 3 sections from the top corner of the head.
    Step 4: Cross the 2 side sections and cross them underneath the middle section one at a time.
    Step 5: Keep repeating this process until you hit the nape of the head.
    Step 6: Once you have reached the nape, tie together the ends of the strands and now you can start the braid on the opposite side of the head.
    Step 7: Repeat steps 3-6 and you're all done!   
    how to braid hair  
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