Entrepreneurship Project

  • What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur?
    Your job is to research a famous entrepreneur and create an interactive poster about this person.  You will be including text, pictures, and video to describe your person.  
    Fill in the storyboard.  Storyboard must be complete and checked before creating your poster.  Storyboard is worth 70 points of your grade.  

    1:  Name the entrepreneur you are researching and the company that they founded.
    2.  Where and when were they born? 
    3.  What are your entrepreneur's special skills, abilities or talents? What are they known for?
    4.  When did they become successful?
    5.  How did they get started?
    6.  What product or service do they provide?
    7.  Who are their customers?
    8.  What is their net worth?  
    9.  List five interesting facts about the entrepreneur that you are researching?