FAQs for Teachers & Support Staff

  • How do I apply to teach or be an administrator in the program?  

    If you have not worked for us before, find the appropriate application form on the website and complete it. The Coordinator's Application is for administrators only. The Teacher's Application is to be used by teachers, teacher assistants, nurses and librarians. Simply indicate which of those positions you are applying for. Once you have submitted your application to this office, we will send you a confirming e-mail. (If you have given us an e-mail address). Your application will then be forwarded to the coordinator of the appropriate level in your district and/or to coordinators in other districts who need teachers in your certification area.

    Do I need to have certification to work in the program?


    Can Nassau BOCES hire teaching assistants?

    Yes, teacher assistants with New York State certification can be hired. Use the teacher's application form and indicate that you are applying as a teaching assistant.

    Will I need to be fingerprinted for this position?

    Yes, you will need to have been fingerprinted in the past or be fingerprinted now before hiring can take place. Your fingerprints must have been taken specifically for the NYS Education Department system. Fingerprints taken for Social Services or other purposes do not qualify. All teachers entering the teaching force and earning a New York State Certificate (license) since 2001 must have been fingerprinted, as were all teachers entering service in New York City after 1991. If you began teaching on Long Island before 2001, you will most likely need to be fingerprinted. BOCES offers this service which should be done as soon as possible. Call Peggy Turowski at 396-2500.

    What documents will I need to present to be  hired?

    First and foremost, all documents needed must be in the same name as the name listed on the application form. All names must match. If some of your identification is in a maiden name or any other name, you must resolve this before submitting the documents.

    When you are hired by the coordinator of the program, you will be given a packet of materials to be filled in and returned to the Regional Summer School office at 71 Clinton Road in Garden City. This must be done immediately. It is preferable that the materials be returned in person as we have had many instances of paperwork delayed in the mail. There are strict timelines for hiring, due to the short preparatory period for summer school.

    You will be expected to provide:

    • Your teacher (administrator, nurse or teacher assistant as pertinent) certificate
    • Your social security card
    • Your passport or driver's license
    • A certificate form regarding your fingerprint status (in BOCES packet)
    • Various BOCES and government forms required for hiring

    If you are told you have a job and you do not have some of these items contact the Regional Summer School office at 396-2559 immediately!

    I am graduating in May with my certification; can I be hired?

    Only if the Teach on-line website shows certification valid before July 1 2011.

    Does Nassau BOCES pay sick days?

    No, you are only paid for days you work. Also, we can only pay for days worked on the official summer school calendar. E. g., if the building is closed on Friday, we won't pay for that day.

    What do I need to do to get paid?

    Each individual summer school program will have its own time sheets. You are responsible for filling in the hours you work each day by signing in and out. You can only be paid for the hours that the program is in session. That means if the program is scheduled to begin at 8:00, you can not sign in and be paid for working from 7:30

    (If there are special circumstances, your coordinator will have to indicate them on the timesheet). Only hours correctly indicated on the tine sheets will be paid.

    When will I be paid?

    BOCES pays twice monthly on the 15th and the 31st of the month. However, there is a “lag payroll”, which means that the first check will not arrive until the 31st of July. (The only exception is if you worked in June for the few programs that have registration days or paid orientation in June, in which case the first check will arrive on July 15th). If either day falls on a weekend, the paycheck is sent the Friday before. Checks will be delivered to you at your school; however, any checks due on a day when the program is not in session (Fridays in most schools) will be mailed. This is an internal audit rule which cannot be overridden in any circumstances. This means that the July 31 and August 31 checks will be mailed. Only those who are working in a building on July 29th will get checks delivered to them. All people working on August 16 - 18th will receive a final check on September 15th. All checks are mailed from the central post office so most people receive them the next day. Please check that you have given us the correct address, otherwise delivery of your checks will be delayed.

    What are the usual dates of summer school?

    Dates vary across programs. Consult the coordinator of your program for exact dates and times. Regent's exams are not being offered August 2021.

    When does hiring take place?

    Most hiring takes place in May and June. There is sometimes further hiring in early July if extra course sections are needed. Be aware that all hiring is conditional and based on actual student enrollment. If a course section is not needed, there may be no position.

    Who hires me?

    The program coordinator. 

    As a coordinator, how do I begin to plan for summer school?

    As early as possible, certainly by mid-May. The first tasks should be determining student numbers in conjunction with guidance counselors and other school staff. You should also prepare materials advertising the program in the district immediately. Consult the calendar in the Coordinators' Handbook.