• English as a New Language (ENL) PLUS - for 2023-2024

    The ENL+ Package offers two-hour online professional development course for educators. With 34 ENL and general education courses to choose from.  Educators can conveniently learn about evidence-based instructional strategies and methods to enhance their K-12 classroom practice as well as earn credits towards their required CTLE hours.

    District subscriptions for this package include open enrollment to all courses for all district faculty members and administrators.   These virtual courses are self-paced; thus, participants are able to complete coursework from any location with internet access 24/7.  CTLE Certificates for all courses are available for completed courses by direct download from Frontline on a monthly basis.  All participants must spend a minimum of two hours in the course, receive a minimum grade of 80% on all graded activities and receive at least an 85% for course completion and CTLE credits.
    ENL PLUS Courses:
    See the partial course listings below as well as a link to the full catalog of offerings through this program. 
    • Best Practices in Literacy for ELLs:  K-12
    • Best Practices for Inclusive Classrooms and ELLs
    • Building Reading Comprehension in English Language Learners
    • Common Core Writing Standards and Strategies That Support English Language Learners

    Program Details:

    • $2,585 per district annually for access to all courses for all district employees
    • Access to 34, two-hour virtual sessions that will fulfill the ENL and general PD requirements for CTLE 

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