March 2017 Meeting



    District Sharing and Lunch


    LMS Snapshot: Great Neck UFSD, Google Classroom

    Marc Epstein, District Technology Director

    Christina Keys - Science Teacher and Technology Staff Developer

    Samantha Gallagher - Social Studies Teacher and Technology Staff Developer

    Christopher Pipala - Foreign Language Teacher and Technology Staff Developer


    What’s New with Google for EDU, latest product updates and a look forward

    Jake Shea, Google for Education Regional Adviser


    Next Generation of Chromebooks, including Android app ecosystem and new hardware features

    David Andrade, K-12 Education Strategist, CDW-G

    Al Vazquez, Account Executive, CDW-G



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    Posted by Matthew Hejna on 3/3/2017

    March 2017 Meeting

    Great Neck continues our ongoing series of sharing Learning Management Systems with a presentation of Google Classroom. This is a follow-up of last year's site visit to Great Neck South Middle School, but from a high school perspective. The Technology Staff Developer Team from Great Neck North High School consisting of Christina Keys, Samantha Gallagher, and Christopher Pipala, will demonstrate Google Classroom and discuss how it is being used in their school to manage the electronic workflow of assignments, announcements, and class collaboration in their school. Great Neck has been using Google Apps for Education for four years and Google Classroom for the past two years as a central component of its 1:1 iPad Initiative which now spans 6,400 devices for students and teachers in Grades 4-12.

    Much has evolved since Google last visited us back in January 2014, so Google for Education Regional Adviser Jake Shea will bring us up to speed with What’s New with Google for EDU including the most notable updates to G Suite for EDU. Jake will also be collecting product feedback and feature requests. If you have a particular product or topic you’d like him to cover, please let me know.

    In partnership with Google, CDW-G’s K-12 Education Strategist David Andrade and Account Executive Al Vazquez will be taking a look ahead at the Next Generation of Chromebooks with the addition of the Android app ecosystem and new hardware features of various devices including the 11”, 12”+, Touch and Flip models. Some sample hardware will be available for hands-on experience.

    Pre-Meeting Session (12:00 – 1:00)
    Altice Low-Cost Internet Service Focus Group, meet with Altice representatives to offer feedback and guidance on how they can best partner with school districts to communicate this offer to all eligible families.

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