About Music

  • Carman Road School Music Program provides wonderful opportunities for our students to appreciate a variety of musical pieces as well as interact with music through instruments. The musical experience encourages their interest and enjoyment of music through listening, singing, and experimenting with various percussion instruments props, many of which are adapted to meet their physical needs. All the musical activities are designed to meet the following National and New York State Standards:

    National Standards <2> Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.

    New York State Standards <1> Creating, Performing, and Participating in the Arts.

    Theme / Unit for 2018 - 2019

    September: Welcome Back
    Books and CDs: A Brand New Me / All That I Can Be / I Can, We Can songs for good manners.
    Music Elements: Beat and Rhythm
    Instrument of the Month: Hand Drum and Finger Cymbals
    October: Halloween
    Books and CDs:Spooky Favorites / Music for Holidays and Celebrations
    Music Elements: Dynamics
    Instrument of the Month: Xylophone
    November: Turkey Tango
    Books and CDs: Simple Gifts / Music Express Magazine
    Music Elements: Pitch - High, Low and In The Middle
    Instrument of the Month: Triangle , Cow Bells and Tambourine
    December: Celebrations Around the World
    Books and CDs: It’s A Musical World / World Rhythms / Music Express
    Magazine - songs for the holiday season and multicultural education.
    Music Elements: Tempo - Fast and Slow
    Instruments of the Month: Tone Bells and Boomwhackers
    January: I Have A Dream
    Books and CDs: I Have A Dream / Dreams Can Come True
    Music Appreciation: Introduction of Instruments in the Orchestra
    Instruments of the Month: String Instrument Family - Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Guitar, ukulele and Harp
    February: Seasons of Love
    Books and CDs: Broadway Beat / Music Express Magazine
    Music Appreciation: Broadway Musical
    Instruments of the Month: Woodwind Instrument Family - Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone and Bassoon
    March: Irish Beat
    Books and CDs: Galway Races / We Are All Irish Today
    Music Appreciation: Music Style - Rondo, Waltz and Sonata
    Instruments of the Month: Brass Instrument Family - Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn and Tuba
    April: We Love Our Earth
    Books and CDs: Leave The World A Little Better / It’s A Wonderful World
    Music Appreciation: Opera by Mozart and Puccini
    Instruments of the Month: Voice - Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass
    May: America
    Books and CDs: America / The Spirit of America
    Music Appreciation: Music from the Movies
    Instruments of the Month: Percussion Instrument Family Part 1 - Maraca, Castanet, Triangle and Tambourine
    June: Gotta Be Jazz
    Books and CDs: Jazz Cats / Jazz For Kids / Gotta Be Jazz
    Music Appreciation: Bassa Nova, Dixieland, Ragtime and Blue Note
    Instruments of the Month: Percussion Instrument Family Part 2: Drums, Xylophone and Piano