Digital Citizenship - Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint

  • Additional Reflection/Discussion Questions:

     1. What does it mean that your digital footprint can be “searched”?

    2.  Explain an experience when something you said or did
    online was copied and shared? How did it make you feel?

    3.  Think about three websites you use. Who sees the information
    you share on each of those sites?

    4.  Do you know anyone who has a really positive digital footprint?
    What kind of information does he or she share?

    5.  Because your footprint is permanent, information you share now
    might be seen in the future. If a college saw your digital footprint
    right now, do you think it would help or hurt your chances of
    getting in? Are there any ways you can create a more positive
    digital footprint?

    6.  Does logging off a website or deleting your account erase your
    digital footprint?