How Does a Healthy Life Style Impact your Senior Years?

Growth & Development

  • You are about to become an expert in one of the life stages!  You and a partner will research the assigned stage, storyboard your findings, and then lastly create a webpage and report out to your peers. Your webpage should be informative, creative, colorful, and engaging.

    Keep in mind the following questions that we brainstormed as a group:  

    • What physical, mental, social, emotional needs are met at that stage?
    • What obstacles will you encounter at each life stage?
    • How should the obstacles be addressed during that stage to prevent recurrence at later stages?
    • Nutrition 
    • Safety

    Life Stages:

    Infancy birth to 1 year
    Early childhood 1-6 years
    Late childhood 6-12 years
    Adolescence 12-18 years
    Early Adulthood 19-40 years
    Middle Adulthood 40-65 years
    Late Adulthood 65 and older




Important Dates

  • April 18th: Research Begins (you must cite your sources!)

    April 24th:  Overview of Website Building 

    April 27th: Presentation Begins

    May 1st:  Self Reflections