George Farber Outstanding Student Awards

  • Sixteen exceptional Nassau BOCES students earned the agency’s prestigious George Farber Outstanding Student Award. These students have demonstrated a variety of remarkable attributes including talent, commitment, honesty, diligence, compassion and high moral standards.

    “These students exemplify the very best of Nassau BOCES,” said District Superintendent Dr. Robert Dillon. “Each of them embodies the true spirit of George Farber. They have shown kindness to other students, exhibited an excellent work ethic and demonstrated outstanding commitment. They have eagerly shared their knowledge and made contributions to their communities. Their collective stories are an inspiration to us all.”

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  • Nassau BOCES George Farber Outstanding Student Award winners from left: Edwin Miranda, Michael Menz, Sharry Mauze, Zion Hutchinson, Samaara Hariff, Datrell Williams and Christopher Loiacono. Not pictured: Musa Sultan.
    Group of happy people holding earned awards.
    Nassau BOCES George Farber Outstanding Nassau BOCES George Farber Outstanding Student Award winners from left: Ryan John, Lisa Benedetti, Jewlyia Patterson, Dylan Maag, TayJohn Morris, Andrew Defrin, Ryan Ladd and Cameron Poyer-Perry.

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  • About the award:

    For the past 15 years, outstanding students have been earning this award in memory of former Nassau BOCES Board President George Farber, whose passion for improving the lives of students was surpassed only by his love and care for them. Farber was the longest-serving board member in Nassau County, having served from 1971 to 2009.