• Assistive Technology Department



    The Assistive Technology Department at Carman Road School works cooperatively with staff occupational and physical therapists, parents, and vendors experienced with providing adapted equipment to children with special needs. Weekly clinics operate with outside orthotists and wheelchair vendors on site to service children with adaptive equipment needs. The professional staff assists parents in providing written justification to support the insurance approval process.

Atif is so happy to receive his new power wheelchair!
Arif is thrilled with his new power wheelchair!
  • These students are experiencing the freedom of independent movement in their own brand new equipment. What a feeling of independence! Self-initiated navigation of their environment is an empowering experience!!


    Assessment, training, evaluation and insurance justification support is provided by the Assistive Technology staff at Carman Road School. Two of our providers have the Assistive Technology Professional Credential, a competitive certification issued by the Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America, rendering them uniquely qualified to assist your child with his/her equipment needs. Contact your child's therapist, or the Assistive Technology department at (516) 608-6256, for further information.