• Life Skills Home Economic lessons are aligned to the NYS Common Core Learning Standards. The students use adapted devices, printed materials, books, Smartboard, IPad and photographic images to supplement each lesson. Instruction is designed to address individual student disabilities and ensure participation.

    My lessons engage students in activitites of learning by practicing personal hygiene skills before, during and after food preparation and/or tasting experiences. Students are instructed to use a variety of strategies to clean hands, use the sink and adaptive cleaning tools, liquid soap and paper towels. Additional opportunities for hygiene during food preparation is encouraged so students learn healthy habits and minimize the spread of germs.

    Life Skills Home Economic units cover kitchen safety when handling and preparing food as well as the function of a variety of equipment, appliances and utensils. Students learn to maintain their work space in a clean and safe manner, beginning with washing their hands, pulling up sleeves (when applicable), use of aprons or other covering and sponging all work areas clean.

    Throughout the school year students prepare and taste a variety of seasonal foods. They are encouraged to taste different textured foods for new meal experiences. Individual student meal plans are considered for all lessons. Lessons inculde sensory activities related to food. Games, puzzles, crafts and worksheets related to food are also used.