• Questions and Answers on 'Net Neutrality'

    Posted by Ashley Cruz-Rivera on 1/17/2018 8:35:00 AM
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  • PRO/CON Anthem Protests

    Posted by Ashley Cruz-Rivera on 11/16/2017 9:10:00 AM

    This article impacts not only the U.S. but NY aswell. This event impacts the world because the national athem is recited in every state and in every state there are people protesting against this anthem. This event impacts New York because there are may people in and outside of schools and jobs that refuse to stand for the national anthem. I choose this article because in my home school there are many kids, probably most of the school population, that don't feel the need to say thee national anthem at games or even the plegde. This article relates to Police Science because police officers must say the national anthem at special event. This article impacts me because im one of the few people that doesn't say the national anthem.

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  • A"Cowardly Act Of Terror"

    Posted by Ashley Cruz-Rivera on 11/2/2017 9:10:00 AM

         The incident in New York has been something that has impacted many people. This action impacted the United States, New York, and The World considering it was an act of terror. It Impacted The United States because people from Syria and Iraq and those countries won't be trusted to come into the U.S. even though they may be innocent. It has also impacted New York because many people live there and many tourists come to visit the city. Also many families are impacted by the loss of their loved ones. The world is also impacted by this attack, other countries may see what happened and they will not trust anyone to enter their country as well. I choose this article because I previously heard about this incidient.this incident relates to this lass becasue we have learned about terror attacks and because we must learn how to act and perform under tough and pressured situations. this impacts me personally becasue my brother is in the U.S. Navy and I wouldn't want anything to happen to him while working or even off duty. 

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  • Dream Jobs: Forensic Scientists

    Posted by Ashley Cruz-Rivera on 10/20/2017 8:30:00 AM
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  • Patriotism, politics play a role in pledge's past

    Posted by Ashley Cruz-Rivera on 10/5/2017 9:40:00 AM

    Patriotism, politics play a role in pledge's past impacts the World and the United States. The world os impacted beacuse when we say the Plegde we are saluting the Flag or the United States and Many people from other countries are saluting for the United States and not for their country. This article however impacts the United States because when we say the Plegde we are honoring every person that has risked their lives to save people and to try to make the country better. The reason I choose this article is because i wanted to know more about the Pledge's history. This article impacts Police science and Criminal Justice because the flag of the United States is an important symbol in ciminal justice fields. This article impacts me personally because since I am a student I hear the pledge every morning at school.

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