• Questions and Answers on 'Net Neutrality'

    Posted by Natalia Hernandez on 1/17/2018 8:00:00 AM

    1.  How does the event in the article impact the world, the US, and/NY? Monthly pills will increase and companie will eventually lose buisness. Americans won't want to pay for services that they don't need. 

    2.  Why did you choose this article? In what way does this article relate to our class;  Police Science & Criminal Justice?  I chose this article because recently there was this hashtag on every social media app that publisized Net Neutrality. Many people were opposing it so they had the option to text a certain number on their phones to stop Net Neautrality. This artcile relates to our class because it has to deal with government changes which deeply affects all Americans. 

    3.  How does this article impact you personally? This artcile impacts me personaly becuase my family owns accounts on Netflix, HBO, Youtube, INstagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Therefore, we would have to chose which we think is worth paying extra for an keeping 

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