• Navy's Most Advanced Sub Marines Will Use Xbox Controllers

    Posted by Jeremiah Jackson on 10/5/2017



    1.This event impacts in the world because are navy are

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  • Why I Wanted to be a Part Police Science

    Posted by Jeremiah Jackson on 9/21/2017 9:40:00 AM

    I love Police Science at Boces Tech. I wanted to join because i was interested in the field. As a kid i watched shows involving law and i was wanted to be a detective. I wanted to become a detective because i see homicides and  tragics that happen to people and it  makes me wanted to help people and get justice for the people that are effected around  the people.My cousin is a cop and she has been a cop for many years. I have a interest in boces because my school had it and  I like what i saw from police Science. Im am blessed to learn about this program and to have a amazing teacher so i can later become a detective in life.





    law and order

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