• Yet another act of terror in NYC

    Posted by Davon Maddox on 11/2/2017 9:20:00 AM

               I read the artcicle " 8 killed by New York motorist in cowardly act of terror". This article is very gruesome and tells the reaader about what a person did in New York. This article affects the U.S and NYC. This affects the United States becuase terrorism is done in multple locations around the U.S and its becomig a problem. This affects New York because many people die and are possible injured during these attacks, leaving families devasted and people hurt. I chose this article because it relates to police science and criminology. Terrorism is brpught down by fire fighters and police, this topic relates to our class because of the police precedures carried out. This article does not impact me personally.

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  • The Navy will soon operate submarine periscopes using Xbox controllers

    Posted by Davon Maddox on 10/5/2017 9:30:00 AM

    The article "The navy will soon operate submarine periscopes using xbox controllers", is an interesting article. In the article the author explains that submarines will soon use xbox controllers as an alternative to the traditional control for the scope. The younger J.O's prefer something lighter and less chunky. They are familiar will the Xbox controller and the luitenent is enthusiastic about upgrading to the xbox controller and much more new technology. He says that soon all of they virginia subs will use Xbox controllers to control the scope, also he states that there will be ipads and touchscreen includes in the years to come.


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  • A Lawyers Law

    Posted by Davon Maddox on 9/28/2017

         Why did I choose to take Police Science at Barry Tech... what chapter does it write in my life? All my life i have liked to study crime scenes, watch shows about crime and law, and sometimes follow cases. One of my favorite lawyers is Rob Kardashian, he took the case of O.J Simpson and had the role of proving him innocent for murder. He was part of the defenseive Dream Team that won the case with the famous quote, "If the glove doesnt fit, you must acquit". Another field that i want to persue, besides a Lawyer, is a Forensic psychologist. A Forensic Psychologist studies and analyzes research from other professionals, they also conduct their own research. They might study criminals and their crimes, for instance, to determine what traits certain types of criminals have. I always like to solve a mystery or find the culprit while watching shows like Law and Order or 48 Hours. Police Science will give me knowledge on topics of Law and criminology.

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