• Drivin with Fido; Legal in most states, controversial in all

    Posted by Alicia Moore on 1/17/2018 8:30:00 AM

    How does this event in the article impact the world, the U.S. And NY? The article impacts the world becuase driving with any distractions are very dangerous. Texting is dangerous. Driving without a seatbelt is dangerous. Driving with child in your lap adn not in a carseat is illegal. So why aren't we treating our dogs the same? Dogs can't help it but to move freely around in cars trying to feel a nice breeze through their ears and their tonuges.

    Why did you choose this article? In what way does this relate to our class: Police Science And Crimminal Justice? This article relates to Police Science and Criminal Justice? Honolulu Police issued 38 such citations in 2016. According to The Hawaii Department Of Transportation. In 2017 they issued 13.

    How does this article impact you personally? Personally I am guilty for this such issue. I always bring my pup in the car with me while my pops drives me to school, but she is always in the back seat with me, not really a distraction towards my dad. Personally now I've read this article it has opened my eyes and I have to watch my back.

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  • What is Active Listening?

    Posted by Alicia Moore on 1/11/2018 8:30:00 AM

    A. How does the event in the article imapct the world,the U.S. and NY? The event of this article is really based on life. You need active listeing skills in YOUR life! They're useful in school, at work, at home, in relationships, in marriage, with you children and not things will get very hard. nothing will be for sertian, you will be unsure of many things. you will not get far without active listening. Stated in The Article titled What is active listening? "Micscommunitcion or lack or understanding between co-workers can lead to hurt feelings, which in turn can make it diifcult for people to work  together. Active listening can resovle such issues and create great understandings and team spirit among co-workers"

    B.  Why did you choose this article? In what way does this article relate to our class: Police Science? In & on the field, they're no if's, and's or but's you NEED Communication! it's a based skill in Crimial Justice, literally everywhere. In courts, with your attorney, with your parole officer and etc. To be on a good level of trust you need to be understood properly with your words. Your active listening and communicating is a good way if keeping trust with others.

    C. How does this article impact you personally? This article impacts me personally becuase I mysel have issues expressing myself and how i feel. Meantally I know that it isn't good and that I shouldn't hold things in and me as a female should stand up for myself. I feel like I'm being mean for really saying what I really feel and I hate being mean, but I'm starting to let people know how I feel straight up now because i shouldn't let people get the best of me and I shouldn't care what others think I am too beautiful for that.

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  • A New Law In Honolulu Forbids Texting While Crossing The Street

    Posted by Alicia Moore on 11/16/2017 9:25:00 AM

    A. How Does The Event In The Article Impact The World, The U.S And The NY? this impat of creating a law for people to stop and observe their surrounds becasue texting on your phone and crossing the street can be very risky. Lots of people walk to whenever they need to go every single day, but they also use their phones every day too. 

    B. Why Did You Choose This Article? In What Way Does This Article Relate To Our Class; Police Sciene And Criminal Justice? New laws has been decalred becasue injuriges from walking and texting are on a rise and it has only increased. Honolulu is the first city in the world to put such a law into the community. Using forces and giving fines to people, protects cizitens from distracted walking dangers.

    C. How Does This Article Impact You Personally? Personally I greatly support the new law, I tend to text and cross the street more often than I should and I know it's very dangerous. So the city of Honolulu is better off with the law. I think It will make the ecomony better. 


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  • Dream Job:Forensic Scientist

    Posted by Alicia Moore on 10/19/2017 9:00:00 AM

    1. How does the event in the article impact the world, the US, and NY? The article about Forensic Science impacts the world in a good way. Forensic Science takes a huge toll in the criminal justice field. It can reveal and solve and find if a person would be guilty or reamain innosence.

    2.Why did you choose this article? In what way does this article relate to our class;Poilice Sciene & Criminal Justice? Forensic is where all of the founded stuff on crimes scences are found. 

    3. How does this article impact impact you personally? Personally it makes me think about how scientists work and how science is basically the answer to all of your answers. 

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  • Do You Really Know Who You Are?

    Posted by Alicia Moore on 9/28/2017 10:00:00 AM

    fbi                                       Ever since I started high school I always wanted to have a lot of experience like more than average. I love police officers, the things they do for people I have so much respect for them as a person. Me and my sister binge watch the show Criminal Minds like crazy, that show is actually what made me choose to go towards criminal justice. I love the mystery of things and taking it upon myself to be able to solve it. My older sister travels a lot back and forth from florida to new york and she can just post one picture, and I can insistenly tell where she is located. Just like I can tell when a person is lying. I look at people and I scan their faces like I have a digital scanner in my head. I am so quiet as a person, I can just observe and collect in a matter of time by just keeping to myself and acting like im not intersted. I really came to BOCES to learn for myself because I know i have the abilty to be the best version of myself i can possibly be, in my family there is no poilice officer or any sort law enforcement at all. I will be the first in my family. I want to be an FBI Agent.

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