• A new law in Honolulu banned texting while crossing the street

    Posted by Talya Morea on 11/16/2017 8:50:00 PM

    Texting while walking is a big issue throughout the United States and New York. Honolulu created a law thta banned texting while crossing the street. This law will decrease the amount of accidents that occur in the United States. The accidents that occur from someone texting is mostly their faults because they themselves are not paying attention and should of realized theres's a red light or just that they're not supposed to cross at that time. This law should be inforced in New York as well so once again it will decrease the amount of accidents. I chose this article because I find it interesting that people nowadays are so addicted to their phones they can't look up for a quick second to cross the street. This article relates to our Police Science class because it is about a new law made that must be followed by the people. Many laws are created for th saftey of the people and should be followed. This article impacts me personally because I am a daily phone user and may be guilty of crossing the street while looking at my phone. Creating this law will be very beneficial for many people and keep us safe.

     Texting while walking

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  • Pros and Cons for kneeling for the national anthem

    Posted by Talya Morea on 11/16/2017 9:55:00 AM

    Many athletes have been expressing their first amendment right by not kneeling for the national anthem. They are taking a stand for what they believe in. This action had many pros and cons. The people of America have the right to do this, but they should be supporting their country and doing what's right for it. I chose this article because I belive it is important for the people of America to be able to express what they believe in as long as it's in a peaceful manner. This relates to our Police Science and Criminal Justice class because it discusses the rights of Americans. This article impacts me because I feel people who argue agaisnt the right to not stand up for what you belive in is wrong. Anybody should be able to express themselves and their beliefs. right to not kneel for anthem

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  • Rural Alaska town loses police force, but not order

    Posted by Talya Morea on 11/16/2017 9:10:00 AM

    Police forces are absolutley necessary in every state in the United States. Without police frorces, in many states there would be much more chaos then there was in Alaska. If New York was without a police force, there would be nonstop chaos and crime. The town in Alaska is a small town that mos likely doesn't consist of much crime or action in general. I chose this article because i thought it was interested how a toen could still function without a police force. Living in New York has shown that we need lots of protection and order and a police force does exactly that. This article relates to our police science class because it's talking about life without police officers. I have learned many different things police offiecers do for us citizens everday and without them we'd be in complete chaos. This article impacts me personally because when I'm older I want to become a police officer. It shows me that there can be troubling times as a police officer, but it's always possibe to get through it. Police forces are very important to evreyone state in th United States. 

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  • Patriotism, politics play a role in pledge's past

    Posted by Talya Morea on 10/5/2017 9:35:00 AM

    1. The event of saying the pledge of allegiance impacts the world, the US, and New York. The pledge is said to show patriotism within our country. Sayig the pledge can impact people differently depending on what someone believes in. In the pledge it says "Under God" and some people believe religion and politics should be seperated. Saying the pledge does show patriostism and nationalism and people may find it disrespectful to not say it. Everyone is effected differently by the pledge of alligenance. I chose this article because i was interested in knowing people's views of saying the pledge of allegiance. It relates to our class because we say the pledge everyday. Also the pledge was created by the goernment and our class is all about government and laws. This article impacts me personally becasue I believe if someone doesnt want to say the pledge in school that is their right to not say it. Someone should not be forced to do something they dont beieve in.  

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  • Who Am I

    Posted by Talya Morea on 9/28/2017 9:40:00 AM

    I visited Barry Tech during my sophmore year and was very interested in the Police Science and Criminal Justice class. This field of work has always interested me. Since i was little I've wanted to do something in this field. I joined this class becasue i wanted to learn more about police science. I learned about Boces through my school and my sister who went here for two years for film. Im excited to learn about the things the different things this class does and I hope it helps me when I'm getting a job in this field in the future. 


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