• Who Am I

    Posted by Brian Nealon on 9/28/2017 9:40:00 AM

    The reason why I selected the Police Science and Criminal Justice course at Barry Tech is because I have always had an interest in the court system and would like to pursue a career in lawyering. I've loved to watch TV Shows and documentarys based on law. I have studied famous court cases such as the OJ Simpson and Menendez Brothers trials. I came to BOCES to learn more about the law and being a lawyer. I heard about Barry Tech when I wak looking for places to study Criminal Justice.   Marcia Clark

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  • Class, please rise for the surprising history of the "Pledge of Allegiance"

    Posted by Brian Nealon on 9/13/2017

    I read an article about the history of the Flag of the United States. The article relates to the US today because people have begun to pay more attention to the flag and have discussions about it. The recent rebellion by NFL players has sparked a discussion over wether or not standing for the flag should be mandatory and if not standing for the flag is "disrespectful". I chose this article because politics is very important to me and I feel that it is important for the younger people of this country, like me, to educate themselves on important topics in politics. This article relates to Police Science because police officers have often been at the center of these debates. This article impacts me personally because ever since the election of 2016 started in 2015, I have payed more and more attention to the world of politics. I think that every young person should learn about politics, do their research, and form an opinion on what they think is right and wrong.   kneel   

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