• Trump's Controvery With Twitter

    Posted by Yamilet Peralta on 6/5/2018 9:10:00 AM


    1. This article impacts the U.S. because people want to keep up with the president and his thoights to see where he stands with major situations. By blocking his tweets, people won't be able to keep up with his thoughts. 

    2. I chose this article because twitter is something very popular now-a-days, especially with Trump on it 24/7. This relates to our class because it involves his 1st Amendment right which we learned about in class.

    3. This effects me personally beacause I would want to see what the president is thinking, so I can see what's to come.

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  • Should Teachers Have Guns?

    Posted by Yamilet Peralta on 6/5/2018 9:00:00 AM


    1. This event impacts the Unites States because gun violence has become a major issue and students/parenst worry about school saftetyu. Having teachers armed with won't really promise anything.

    2. I chose this article because there has been a lot of contoversy with this topic question and I wanted to look more into it. This relates to the criminal justice class because police officer also have guns, so they would probably be the ones to train the tecahers if the U.S. goes through with it.

    3. This article impacts me personally because I'm a student, and knowing that a teacher, who is only a couple feet away from me in class, can be armed with a gun. It's kind of a scary thought. But I guess we should be considering it normal now. 

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  • Electric Cars

    Posted by Yamilet Peralta on 1/17/2018 8:45:00 AM



    1. This event can impact the world because it's a major step up in technology. Everyone has always talked about how there will be flying acrs and all that, well this is just one step closer. This is also an imaoct on young kids because the streets may be safer sue to the fact that theyh won't be learnig how to drive.




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  • Don't Text and Walk in Honolulu

    Posted by Yamilet Peralta on 11/16/2017 9:20:00 AM

    texting                                  txt

              This article impacts citizens in Hawaii, specifically Honolulu, because now innocent texting can make you pay up. Although you may have to pay a fine for this constant act, I believe it's a good idea. The last thing people want to do is get a ticket and pay the governemnt, so this would make people stop texting while crossing roads. This will most likely save lives and cut down the number of accidents.

              I chose this article because even I text while walking sometimes, so I wanted to see what this city was doing about it.  This article relates to our class because when police officers find people doing this, they're going to write them a ticket. IN this class, we are constantly writing A or B summonses so this is just another ticket that we may have to practice writing. 

              This article doesn't really affect me that much, but if a law like this passes in New York it definetly would. It's a common activity that everyone does once in a while especially in a busy, fast moving state like New York.

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  • Athletes Taking a Kneel

    Posted by Yamilet Peralta on 11/16/2017 8:50:00 AM

    kneel                                                       kaepernick  

             This article impacts the Unites States because it is showing that even famous athletes, like Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid, aren't proud of what is happening in our country these days. Discrimination is the reason for lots of the crimes that are happening lately. U.S. citizens may see these famous athletes and start to take a stand as well. 

             I chose this article because I kept seeing Colin Kaepernick on instagram because he was named Citizen of the Year by GQ magazine. I've heard that he was kneeling during national anthems and wanted to look more into it. This topic has to do criminal justice because police officers are probably the most hated n the country right now because of all the killings that have been happening due to the color of someone's skin. This affects them because even if they didn't do anything, people may see them as someone who causes danger, not someone who keeps them safe.

           This article impacts me personally because I hope to become a police officer one day and I hope all this hatred ends before then because I don't want people seeing me as an enemy. 

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  • Teens Running for Governor?

    Posted by Yamilet Peralta on 11/2/2017 10:10:00 AM

    teens 1. This event impacts the the Unites States, specifically Kansas, because teens running would make people more intrested and they would actually listen to what they have to say

    2. I chose this article because it looked very interesting. This relates to the class because we learn about law and government. 

    3. This impacts me personally because it makes me more interested in campaigns and it makes me want to register to vote.

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  • World's Weirdest Laws

    Posted by Yamilet Peralta on 11/2/2017 9:50:00 AM

    icecream           bike


    1. This article effects the people specifically in California, becasue they have to follow those laws

    2. I chose this article because I did not believe that these laws were true and wanted to read more about it. This relates to our class because it has to do with police officers that have to obey these laws and catch anyone breaking them. 

    3. This does not really impact me because they did not state any "weird" laws that are passed in New York

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  • A "Cowardly Act of Terror" in NYC

    Posted by Yamilet Peralta on 11/2/2017 9:10:00 AM

    terroist attack


    1. This event impacts the world because things change when stuff like this happens. People are more aware of their surroundings and start to presume things. Due to terrorism attacks like this, a random bag in the street can now be something dangerous. Now we do not even know if the car next to us can also be a threat. This man took the lives of innocent people. 

    2. I chose this article because it happened a few days ago, and I wanted to learn more about what exactly happened. This article relates to this class because police officers are the first you call when events like this occur. In a class about police science & criminal justice, you learn about what you would do in situations like these.

    3. This article impacts me personally because it's in New York and now going to a famous attraction like the city is nerve racking

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  • The Navy Gets An "Upgrade"

    Posted by Yamilet Peralta on 10/5/2017 9:50:00 AM

         I read the article "Navy's most advanced submarines will use Xbox controllers" by Brock Vergakis. This was about the United States Navy deciding to use Xbox 360 contollers to control the submarine. This event impacts the United States because it will save huge amounts of money that the citizens pay through taxes. A photonic mast and imaging control that cost about $38,000, can easily be replaced with a $30 Xbox controller. I chose this article beacuse the image of the Xbox controller caught my eye and knwoing that the U.S is using something as simple as a video game controller is crazy. This article relates to our class; Police Science and Criminal Justice, because just like the navy, police are now using technology in their everyday lives. This article impacts me personally because I love technology and I also use it in my daily life.

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  • Why I Chose Police Science

    Posted by Yamilet Peralta on 9/28/2017 9:40:00 AM


     The reason I chose Police Science here at Barry Tech was because I want to become a police officer. I've always had an interest in the law that at first, I wanted to become a lawyer. But watching shows like Law and Order and listening to my uncle's stories made me see what cops do and I changed my mind. I heard about the BOCES program from my mom, who came for cosmetology years ago, and she remembered her friend came for criminal justice. My sister, who was a senior at the time, told me that BOCES could give you great benefits and that she regretted not joining. I also wanted to learn more about the law since my regular school doesn't focus on it. I want to learn more than average kids know about criminal justice. I also wanted to learn more about forensics as well and I know this program would help me reach that goal. And I want people to be surprised when they see a girl in this work field, because most people judge women for doing a "man's" job, but I want people to know that we can do anything we set our minds to.

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