• Questions And Answers On 'Net Neutrality'

    Posted by Alyssa Persaud on 1/17/2018 9:50:00 AM

    Article On Net Neutrality


    1. How does it impact the world?

    So many people have so any opinions on it

    2. Why did you choose this article?

    Major debate topic some people want it gone and some people want to keep it.

    3. How does this article impact you personally?

    It doesn't impact me at all.

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  • Apple unveils $999 iPhone X with facial recognition

    Posted by AlyssaLy Persaud on 10/5/2017 9:50:00 AM

    How does the event in the article impact the world, the US, and/NY? 

    The IPhone X is $1,000 for 64GB & $1,469 for 256GB. The phone is the most expensive phone that Apple has ever released. In the presentation for the release foe the IPhone X, they introduced a new way to unlock your phone which is Face ID (Facial Recognition).

    Why did you choose this article? In what way does this article relate to our class; Police Science & Criminal Justice?

    I choose this article because the IPhone X is technically the most expensive phone in the world and i like Apple IPhones. This article relates to our class; Police Science because apple came out with a new security way of unlocking your phone and were gonna be learning about different types of security.

    How does this article personally impact you?

    It doesnt impact me at all.






























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  • Project #1 Digital Story "Who Am I"

    Posted by AlyssaLy Persaud on 9/28/2017 9:35:00 AM

    I selected Police Science and Criminal Justice at Barry Tech because I want to be a Cop or do something in Homicide or Forensic Science when i graduate high school and college. I have a uncle that was in the Army, he was in the Army for a while. I had thought about joining the Army ROTC in College but I didnt wanna move around alot cause that might mess me up with my school work and,etc. I heard about Barry Tech from students and teachers at my home school. I was so eager to join cause that would put me a step ahead of my carrer. Aside from that I will also be joining the Nassau County Explorers Program, i've been want to join for a while an I finally have the chance to join.



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