• Honolulu's New Law

    Posted by Elizabeth Romero on 11/16/2017 9:25:00 AM

    1. This Article affects the world, U.S and New York because in America (new york) expecially with new technology on the rise people love to text and cross the street which is absolutley NOT okay or safe at all tons of people get hit by cars or get accidents not only cause of reckless driving but also cause of distracted walking. In some parts of the world where there is technology this is also a common case so Honolulu passes a new law that if you text and walk the police can charge you.

    2. I chose this article because i find it dangerouse and also witness people texting and crossing, It relates to Police Science because its the police duty to keep citizens safe and enforce the law.

    3. This dosent really affect me personally because I dont do it but i feel bad for thoes who do and if I knew them ill tell them to not do that.

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  • Athletes take Political Stand

    Posted by Elizabeth Romero on 11/16/2017 9:15:00 AM

    1. This action that NFL star Colin Kapernick and other players did affects the U.S, The World and New York because people in the U.S and New York might follow the footballer into protest over inequality in america, inequality for blacks and other minorities exsist everwhere America apperently in its patriotic songs states that it is a free country Kapernick and other football players dont seem to agree with this so they dont stand. 

    2. This article relates to Police Science and Criminal Justice because it talks about inequality and political stand which police have alot to do with both in a good and bad way I chose this because i find it unfair that there is still after all the fighting isnt as much equality in america there has been progression but I feel there should be more.

    3.This imapcts me personally because i am also a minority as well as most of my friends and i feel that this country should live up more to its promises.

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  • Terrorist kills in Bus

    Posted by Elizabeth Romero on 11/2/2017 9:30:00 AM

    1. This event impacts the U.S and New York also ultimatley the world because terrorisim is a dangerouse criminal act that can leave many dead and the country in turmoil as well as other countries in the world if the group goes to thoes places dangerous terrorist groups like ISIS have been growing daily and murdering daily as well in the U.S and in Europe as well as other parts of the world its a grouo that must be stopped and abolished.

    2. I chose this article because its something that recently happened in our country and state what happens good or bad its important to me because im a U.S citizen and this is home. This has to do with crime and im in Police Science and Criminal Justice.

    3. Its hurts me and impacts me personally because i think terrorist are evil and must be punished and or stopped innocent people shouldnt be getting killed i feel bad for them and there families, This is also happening in the U.S New York which is my home and i dont like that.

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