• Question & Answers on 'net neutrality'

    Posted by Ashley Aguilar on 1/17/2018

    1. The event in the article impacted the U.S. due to its harm it can cause to us the people, financially. We have the right to a free internet. Companies already charge us enough for certain things we do on the internet already. 

    2.  I chose this article because it makes me mad how the FCC wants to control our use of internet. It relates to Police Science because we also use the internet as well. We find and discover certain things that we need to use for cases.

    3. This article impacts me personally because I like to use the internet to communicate with friends and family. As well as watching netflix. I enjoy using the internet freely and without having to pay as much.

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  • Populism in American Politicians

    Posted by Ashley Aguilar on 1/11/2018 9:10:00 AM

    1. This event in the article impacts the United States because this article has a lot to do with President Donald Trump and considering him a populist. A populist is basically a republican, as he is. 

    2. The reason why I chose this article is because I support this nation greatly but not the leader of the nation. He is being considered a populist for great amount of reasons. This has to do with Police Science and Criminal Justice because this is the leader that we will be with for the next 7 years of our lives. This nation has many issues involving immigration, tax reforms, and etc.

    3. This article imapacts me personally because I do not respect anything the President says. He is exactly a populist and a racist, that is one of the many reasons why people in this nation needed to vote at 18. He has taken out TPS to limit immigration as well as removing DACA but he has a deal with Russia about babies being born or living in the United States can bring their family to live with them at age 21. 

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  • What is environmental justice?

    Posted by Ashley Aguilar on 11/16/2017 9:15:00 AM

    1.This event in the article impacts the U.S. by giving out information about protesting that was successful about improving the environment. Along with how the government decided to move along with this movement. The protesting changed everyone's perspective about how we should change the environment.

    2.The reason why I chose this article is because it really gave me an interesting idea of what it is going to be about. All the issues people were facing were caused by big companies that obviously didn't care about the people's health. This article in a way relates to Police Science/Criminal Justice by taking the side of which is best to improve upon the citizen's health and life.

    3.This article affects me by just giving me a perspective about how heavily damaged the people was when it came to certain environmental situation and the government.

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  • There's a law against that?

    Posted by Ashley Aguilar on 11/2/2017
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