Famous People in the Beauty Industry

  • How Did This Famous Person Impact the Beauty Industry?

    Task:  Research  a famous person and explain how they impacted the beauty industry.  Include all of the prompts below and create a webpage using pictures, links, and video.  

    Storyboard – This storyboard must be completed and checked prior to going to using the laptoss.  This section of project is worth 40 points of grade. 






    1.  Personal background  5 Points 


    2. Invention/Impact to Industry


    5 points


    3. What was going on during this time period in History? 


    10 points


    4.    How can this person's contribution carry into the future of the industry? 



    5 points


    5. How does this person's life connect to yours?




    10 points


    6.   Reflection:  What has been the most interesting part of this project for you?  


    10 Points 


    7.    Presentation of Website

     10 points  


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.