Advanced Plumbing Technician Program

  • Advanced Plumbing Technician Program


    Adult Education CTE | Construction Trades | Advanced Plumbing Technician Program in Long Island

    Required Courses: Plumbing Technician Program • Blue Print Reading • Trade Electric Theory

  • Blueprint Reading


    Blueprint Reading is an essential skill in the construction industry. All projects begin with blueprints or plans. Mastering these maps of information is the key to building any type of structure. Learn the vocabulary, symbols and scales of these architectural drawings. Understand the dimensions, elevations, and projections of every floor plan. Determine details pertaining to every stage of the building process from inception to fruition. Incorporate this skill in your technical training to succeed in your construction career.


  • Trade Electric Theory


    Understand the ideology of the electrical component of the construction industry. Learn how various aspects of construction work together to successfully build structures. Learn the fundamentals of electrical circuits, the principles of Ohm's Law, and the practical knowledge of low voltage wiring and switches. This comprehensive study will enable you to move into more specialized areas of construction.


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